Alma's Journey towards Good Health and Happiness

Alma Lee Clarke describes herself as someone with an annoyingly positive attitude who tries to be the best version of herself every day. She always encourages others that they can do anything if they would want to do it. While she makes criticisms, she also ensures sure that she balances it by pointing out the positive side of things.

Alma came into the Keto way of eating after getting tired of being an absent and tired human being. She realized that she was obese and was missing out on a lot of things, not just on her own life but her family and friends’ lives as well. Before Keto, she tried other things like Atkins and calorie counting but those did not work out.

After trying out Keto, she noticed results immediately. Physically, she saw that her face was no longer as puffy and round and her digestion improved. She was also able to tell when she’s full and when she’s hungry. Aside from this, she noticed that her mental health was improving too. Most importantly, she felt more energized. From someone who avoided going anywhere, she can suddenly take long walks.

Being on Keto for a few years now, Alma has her own go-to meals too. These include a big bowl of cheesy broccoli soup and some roast chicken, cauliflower mac and cheese with any kind of protein, and a snack plate of every one of her favorite snacks. She's also a big fan of salad and she proudly shares that hers is not boring and unfilling.

One of Alma's creations: A big salad of baby spring lettuces, broccoli, cucumber, avocado, chicken, bacon, cheeses, and Whisps.

Her Keto journey, while successful now, was not without hindrances. She was faced with setbacks and challenges along the way. She admits of having an obsessive personality, as her husband subtly puts it. One of her mistakes was thinking that Keto was one way of eating. She used to meticulously track her macro, count her servings, and even weigh her food. She felt stifled and became mentally exhausted. Eventually, her weight started to go up again.

The good thing is that she was able to recover from it. She took a step in the right direction again. The first thing she did was to lose the scale. She tried fasting and started to listen to her body. From then on, she was able to eat what she wants without regretting it. She eats not just to eat, but for fuel and for health. She also no longer felt deprived. While she may not be sure if she has reached her goal weight or not, she knows she has reached a healthy weight. More importantly, she feels happy and healthy.

Alma has surely come far in her Keto journey. Her advice to others, especially to those starting on keto, is not to limit themselves to eating keto one way. They should not feel like this is an all or nothing way of eating. Others can eat three meals a day while there are those who are fine with just one meal. Don’t also obsess over every carb to the point of depriving oneself. In terms of food, she pointed out that it is not about what you can't eat. Rather, it's about what you can eat. For her, options are never limited. At times, a little creativity is all it takes.

Aside from the overwhelming support she receives from her family and friends, she was also astounded by the number of supporters she found online. Posting what she ate on her account started out as her way of accountability. Now, many have become her cheerers and it has helped her get over every hump and has kept her going. She currently has 26k followers on her account, @almaluvlee, who enjoy seeing her Keto meal ideas and recipes. Alma posts to inspire and motivate, not only herself but others who believe in her.


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