Blade Method Fitness: Creating Change that Lasts a Lifetime

“People are our Priority…Fitness is our Method” - this is the mission statement of Blade Method Fitness. They create programs that help people reach their goals, whether it may be to improve their basic health, lose weight, get stronger, or change their body composition.

They pride themselves in their ability to help people develop habits that provide lasting results. People can go to other places to workout and give their focus for a few weeks or months to get results. At Blade Method Fitness, they create a change in lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. This is what separates them from other gyms.

One major mistake that they see people make is having an “end” goal. They believe that goals must be continually updated and changed. Aside from this, they also believe that members should enter into a program with a mindset of doing this as a permanent lifestyle change and not just a mode to reach one specific goal.

According to them, the biggest mistake that all gyms make is being truly honest with people who inquire about a gym’s program. Telling someone that they just need to join and come to class and they will hit their goals is easy. However, the difficult part is being honest with them on how their activities the other 23 hours of the day could negatively affect their health.


While a lot of people may hesitate and think that they cannot do CrossFit, they assure anyone interested in being part of their community that they can do CrossFit no matter what their condition is. They customize every workout for each athlete based on their skill and fitness level. Their coaches also undergo an intensive training process to ensure that they have the knowledge and ability to guide each member through the best possible workout every day. To top it off, they have top-notch facilities that are kept clean and cool especially in the summer.

At Blade Method Fitness, their goal is to make their members’ hour in the gym the best hour of the day. They provide a fun and inviting environment while coaching people through results-driven programs.


Blade Method Fitness

1614 W Whispering Wind Dr

Phoenix, AZ 85085


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