Casey Wimpee: Battling PCOS with Keto

Casey of The Wimpee’s YouTube channel shares with her audience the life of a military wife and how she battles PCOS through Keto Living.

An extrovert who is decent at socializing but also values her alone time, Casey is pretty headstrong but is also open-minded. She loves learning new perspectives and meeting others who challenge her perspective as well. She loves having her freedom and feeling independent too. She loves learning new skills but gets bored very easily. She feels grounded but she can come off as aloof sometimes because she has a lot of thoughts racing through her mind.

One of those thoughts that raced through her mind is when her menstrual cycle didn’t come even after almost a year of getting off her birth control pills. Nikk and Casey decided that they are ready to start a family so she stopped taking her pills in October 2017. They both began to worry when Casey’s cycle didn’t come even after almost a year. Thus, in August 2018, they consulted their fertility specialist and found out that Casey has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels. Her fertility specialist is actually the one who introduced to them Keto living as a way of eating and as a recommendation for her condition.

Casey and Nikk

Casey stayed on Keto so on February of 2019 (416 days after getting off of birth control), her cycle finally started. She even ovulated too! Casey said, “My husband and I were over the moon!”

Casey was definitely happy with the result of Keto in her life. Her cycle may not be as regular as she would like it to be due to her PCOS but the symptoms have subsided tremendously, all thanks to Keto. Casey added, “My hormone levels, specifically testosterone, have improved too! I feel clear-minded, full of energy, and ready to tackle life every day. I feel less bloated and weighed down throughout the day. My hair and skin are softer, my hormonal acne is clearing up, and my libido increased.”

Awesome weight loss all thanks to Keto

Awesome weight loss, all thanks to Keto!

Along with Casey’s journey to a healthier version of herself, there were also setbacks and challenges. Her biggest challenge was sticking to Keto when her husband got deployed. Nikk is currently in the Navy, deployed for seven months in October of 2018. She was full of emotions so sticking to food that isn’t considered “comfort food” like chips, potatoes, and pasta was VERY challenging for her in the beginning. However, Casey stayed true to herself and didn’t give up. She may have had some setbacks but she always went back to keto. The positive side effects that she experienced from Keto kept her going. The idea of finally starting a family kept her strong. The sense of clarity that Keto gave her made her to want more.

When asked about her favorite Keto go meals, Casey responded “I love SIMPLE meals. Chicken wings are definitely a go-to in our house. We also love zucchini stir fry with kielbasa. It’s so amazing! I have a lot of meal ideas that I post on my Instagram as well! Feel free to follow me @caseyleewimpee if you’d like to see more ideas! I like changing it up so I don’t get bored!”


Casey believes that in Keto, one must start simple! One of the biggest mistakes she notices other people do while on Keto is overcomplicating it. For example, meat cooked in a healthy fat like avocado oil or coconut oil with a low-carb green veggie on the side like asparagus or zucchini. Casey added, “There are sooooo many keto recipes on Pinterest but try not stressing about it. You don’t have to cook something extravagant in order to be successful in doing keto. If you enjoy doing that, then that’s awesome! But don’t stress if you enjoy simple meals too.”


For the Keto newbies, here are her top 3 tips:

  1. Like I mentioned above, try not to overcomplicate it. Start simple, even if that means just sticking to meat cooked in healthy, fatty oil and veggies on the side.
  2. Try not to compare your weight loss to others! It took me about eight months to lose 50 pounds. I’ve seen others lose 60 pounds in three months. Just remember that their journey is different than yours. Some people lose weight faster or slower than others and that’s OKAY.
  3. Do your research! Try to understand HOW keto works and the science behind it. It helps. It truly does! Even search “how to start” keto on YouTube! I have a video on my YouTube channel, “The Wimpee’s” where I give you the basics on how to start the keto way of eating for beginners.
  4. Find your personal motivation, whether it be weight-loss, starting a family, getting off of pre-diabetes medication, feeling more energized, etc. Once you find your personal motivator, it’ll be a lot more challenging giving up when you have something to strive for.
Follow Nacine as she strives to reach her goal through the Keto diet at The Wimpees on YouTube and @caseyleewimpee on Instagram.


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