Converse CrossFit: Creating a Diverse Community of Fitness-Minded Individuals

Converse CrossFit is a team of knowledgeable and passionate coaches who want to create a community of fitness-minded individuals, of all ages and walks of life. Their goal is to make the gym a place where people want to come and make it the best hour of their day. Haley Morrone, co-owner and coach at Converse CrossFit, shares that they love when members come especially on their birthdays. For her, it means that they enjoy walking through their doors. Additionally, it shows that they are making a positive impact on their community.

Before opening their own gym, Haley has been a member of a few other gyms. She's particularly grateful for her first home gym for setting a good example. That's why when she and her husband, Joe, opened their own gym, they decided to follow the coaching and community of that gym. It is important for them to make people feel at home and comfortable.

One thing that separates Converse CrossFit from other gyms is that they do not have a traditional whiteboard. "We don’t have people call-out times and weights.  We do encourage them to log their results in Wodify, and there is a whiteboard on the app, but we want them to compete more with themselves than with other people in the gym," shared Hayley.

Some of the biggest mistakes people make when exercising, according to Hayley, come with goal-setting. She, herself, had made this mistake before. To avoid this, one should set realistic goals and find a coach who understands where one is starting from. One should find a coach who has knowledge and patience, someone who will help set one's goals and hold the client accountable to them.

Hayley believes that each gym owner has the opportunity to create their community. There may be mistakes, but it is a learning process for most of them. The great thing about CrossFit, according to her, is its diversity. Because of this, members have more opportunities to find a space that fits their personality. "Some people are looking for more competitive environments, and others are looking to just stay fit. I think we offer a good mix of that in our community.  I love that we have 60-year-old grandmothers working out right alongside their 17-year-old grandsons," shares Hayley.      

Joe and Hayley have been together for 19 years. They have two boys, ages 14 and 9, and the older one has Autism. They work with various organizations, including Kinetic Kids, who offer CrossFit classes for kids with various disabilities. They are also proud supporters of their military members. Joe is a veteran of the Army, and one of our coaches, Jess, is also military.  They are also located close to Randolph Air Force base. 

Aside from regular CrossFit classes, they also have Yoga since Hayley is a Yoga teacher apart from being a coach. They also offer CrossFit Kids classes for kids between 6-12 years old. They have lots of fun community events and WODs every month. Their WODs are challenging and provide strength, skill, mobility, and endurance to keep one fit in his/her everyday life. 


Converse CrossFit

9211 Converse Business Lane, Suite 9
Converse, TX 78109


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