CrossFit 120 and the Birth of Rx Nutrition Coaching

Bubba Brocard, Owner and Head Trainer of CrossFit 120 describes their gym as a fun place with an energized, family-friendly atmosphere that strives to bring out the best in every member that walks through their door.  Their programming is tough but is meticulously written so it leaves no room for weakness both physically and mentally. Their top priority is safety, teaching proper form and mechanics first, intensity second. Their motto is “You leave a better athlete at the end of each class than you were before you walked in the door.  They also strive for this to be the best hour of the day, the one you look forward to the most!”

Truly the cleanest gym in town!

CrossFit 120 is different from the rest in a variety of ways. Their programming is top notch, written by them for their members to suit their strength and fitness goals. One may also say that they have the cleanest gym in town, everything has its place, is clean, and looks professional at all times.  Unlike many gyms, their focus is not on the number of members that they have or revenue their members bring in, but the quality of service from coaching, to a healthy and positive member experience bringing them back for more each and every day. By focusing on their members inside and outside of the gym, their community grows and brings in more like-minded individuals or families without them needing to advertise. They are one of the older more veteran gyms in town and have been around long enough to see the trends come and go and still stand strong after an amazing 6 years in service.

CrossFit 120 Family

The biggest mistake Bubba sees other people commit when it comes to exercising is their Ego.  People try to do too much too soon trying to keep up with someone else or impressing others. Bubba said that this leads to nagging injuries and various setbacks which can limit progress and your ability to reach your full potential.  Bubba added, “Many people focus on outward appearances and how they outdid themselves today versus being taught how to lift and move more efficiently with proper form first before intensity. There is a learning curve, people have to trust the process, know when to scale, and live to train another day.  Know when to push your limits and when to stay within the lines.”

CrossFit 120 in action

The biggest mistakes he notices other gyms commit is when they focus on the number of members they have or social media presence instead of simply coaching their athletes well. Bubba said that it is better to focus on the class at hand instead of reading a whiteboard work out and then just taking a bunch of pictures and videos to have a cool online - social media presence. “It what you do behind closed doors when no one is watching that matters the most”, he added.  He also believes that many gyms lack the knowledge or ability to outsource and educate their clients on a healthy and balanced lifestyle when it comes to nutrition. This is by far the most important aspect but is often overlooked leading people to believe they can out train a poor diet or eating habits. They teach and emphasize nutrition (in house) from day # 1 and do their best to educate at CrossFit 120. They offer personal and individualized nutrition programs, conduct many outside the gym gatherings such as socials and beach trips. They support families or members in times of need and do their best to make everyone feel loved and welcome. Bubba added, “It’s not about how much equipment or fancy things you have,  the games athletes that train at or have visited your gym, but how you program, teach and help your members become better and healthier versions of themselves. The rest comes hand in hand.”

Thanksgiving 2018

Bubba and his wife, Gretchen opened CrossFit 120 six years ago to help and serve others and he can honestly say that it is still exactly what their focus is today.  Bubba emphasized, “It is not about the money and never has been. Obviously, I do this for a living and to provide for my family, but I didn't get into this to get rich.  I am rich because I get to help people change their lives on a daily basis, which is the gift that keeps on giving! There is no dollar amount you can put on that! From watching members fight and battle cancer to beating it, losing weight, learning how to eat a balanced diet, gain the internal confidence to want more for their lives in their careers and personal life, and so much more.  We are truly blessed having the opportunity to do what we do and the friendships/gym family we have gained as a result that will last a lifetime.”

CrossFit 120 had so much success with their personal nutrition coaching that they recently just launched another company called Rx Nutrition Coaching and it‘s growing like wildfire.  They are very excited to work both sides of the fitness industry and look forward to the growth and opportunities that this will bring our way in 2019. If you need help with sustainable eating and are ready to take control of your life, please reach out to them.  They coach clients all over the globe - remotely! 

Go check out CrossFit 120 and Rx Nutrition Coaching to become a part of their amazing family!

CrossFit 120

2217 Roswell Road
Suite 102/A5
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 595-9640

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