CrossFit 1776 Strength and Conditioning

Lori Jacobs, Affiliate Owner and Head Trainer of CrossFit 1776 Strength and Conditioning, describes their gym as a place where ordinary people gather to work on becoming Better Than Yesterday. They accomplish extraordinary things through fitness thus, when asked about what separates them from the rest, Lori is proud to say that it’s their amazing community!


CrossFit 1776 Strength and Conditioning Family

Lori also shared with me that the biggest mistake she sees from people when exercising is inconsistency. She said that this can be fixed by setting short term goals that will lead to long term goals. Making a realistic plan and sticking to it by being prepared through meal prepping and always having their gym bag packed and ready to go.  “Make a time that is dedicated to you and make it top priority over everything else to always be there at that time.’, Lori added.


Members in action!

The biggest mistake that she sees other gyms make on the other hand is not helping with nutrition. At CrossFit 1776, they ensure that their athletes are set on a nutrition guide that is specific for their goal/goals.


Moreover, CrossFit 1776 strives to differentiate based on an individual’s goal/goals and injuries, recoveries, or other needs that may need extra attention to ensure proper movement for that person.


CrossFit 1776 Strength and Conditioning

222 County Rd 5516
Troy, AL 36079

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