CrossFit 1836: Health, Strength and Good times!

CrossFit 1836 is a group of like-minded individuals who work together to keep a balance of Health, Strength, and Good Times in their lives! Mat Koym, a Partner at 1836 Strength and Conditioning shared that their consistency is what separates them from the rest. They are very consistent in everything, from coaching to pricing so their clients know what to expect every time they come in at 1836.

The happy crew and members of CrossFit 1836

The biggest mistake they see people make is when they let their ego choose their weights and effort. Some people have this mindset that everything is a sprint. For example, “I have to go RX today” or “I have to give max effort on every work out”. Mat added that “Cindy and Fran should not be approached the same way. Just because you can see other people RX doesn’t mean you can or should RX as well. Your fitness journey is a marathon. Slow down. Learn what your body is capable of. Listen to the intent of a given work out and enjoy the journey.”

CrossFit 1836 in action!

Mat also shared with me that the lack of consistency and structure with everything from coaching to pricing are some of the biggest mistakes they see from other gyms. What makes them different is that they have the initiative to talk to their athletes to find out what they need and they do their best to deliver that service.

Intense workout at its finest.

Furthermore, 1836 is not a one size fits all establishments. Mat emphasized that “We here to help you reach your goals! Not what we think your goals should be”. I fully agree on this and I can’t help but be excited for those who would visit CrossFit 1836 to experience good times while balancing health and strengthGo check them out!


CrossFit 1836

1683 Northpark Dr.
Kingwood TX, 77339

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