CrossFit 4982: A Gym Dedicated to Health and Longevity

CrossFit 4982 is not a quick fix fitness facility.  They are a gym that is dedicated to health and longevity through high-intensity functional movements. This is how Stephanie Munds, the owner, and head coach, describes the gym. They are motivated to help their clients achieve their fitness, athletic, and fat loss goals.

One thing that separates them from other gyms is that they choose to keep their classes small. They have a maximum of 10 members per class to ensure that all of them get the personalized attention they deserve. According to Stephanie, their fundamental focus is to give great workouts performed with the athlete’s most perfect technique to ensure their physical durability.

They believe that the biggest mistake that people make when exercising is not letting go of their arrogance. What people need to understand is that they should work out according to their lifestyle. They should take into consideration their sleep, stress level, diet, and others that affect their overall health. They should know and understand that not every day is an RX day.

A beautiful thing about the Northern Colorado CrossFit community, to which CrossFit 4982 belongs, is that they back each other up by supporting each other’s competitions, seminars, and even offering coaches if needed. There was a time when Stephanie ruptured her Achilles and two other local gym owners offered to send coaches to CrossFit 4982 if needed. “Every gym has its unique community and culture, but we are all CrossFitters at the end of the day!” shares Stephanie.

One unique thing about CrossFit 4982 is that they are the only female-owned CrossFit gym in Northern Colorado. Apart from being CrossFit trainers, Stephanie and her assistant coach are also personal trainers. They are dedicated to constantly learn more about health and fitness. They even complete at least two continuing education classes each year. 

Another thing that makes their gym stand out is that they offer specialty classes to their community with no extra charge. This gives athletes an opportunity to work on weaknesses outside of class.  It also gives the coaches a chance to research and develop programs to ensure success for everyone willing to invest the time.

CrossFit 4982 is a community of dedicated fitness professionals bringing CrossFit training and functional fitness to the Loveland and greater Fort Collins area. Aside from regular CrossFit classes, they offer other programs like X-Fitness, Open Gym, Foundations Class, Yoga, and Sport-specific Training for Student-Athletes. The X-Fitness class follows the CrossFit 4982 workout of the day while Open Gym is a time to make up a workout that an athlete missed or work on their strength and skills under the watchful eye of their coach. The Foundations Class is provided to teach anyone new to CrossFit 4982 the basic movements and terminology to feel comfortable in their regular classes. Yoga is a 30-minute or 1-hour class that will stretch and lengthen the athlete’s muscles and joints for better, safer training while calming their mind for more direct focus. Sport-specific Training for Student Athletes is for those who want to take the play in their chosen sport to the next level.


CrossFit 4982

6886 N Franklin Ave
Loveland, CO 80538

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