Street Workout Academy: Training the Unconventional Way

Street Workout Academy trains people the unconventional way, without the use of weights or supplements. Nicolas Crequat, founder of Street Workout Academy says that they normally do their workouts outdoors. They teach and use natural methods that individuals can use on their own, for a long time.

Nicolas Crequat working out

What separates Street Workout Academy from other gyms is they focus on movements rather than lifting heavy weights. They approach fitness in a natural and holistic way and offer small group classes of up to 6 individuals. Their approach applies to strength, mobility, resistance, and flexibility. To add, they do not sell chemical supplements such as whey protein, creatine, pre-workouts, etc. that may harm their customer's health in the long run.


Pole Class

The biggest mistake Nicolas sees people making is wanting and believing in 'magic' that will either hurt their health, waste their money, or waste their time. This 'magic' he is pertaining to is the Instagram marketing and fitness ads that promises model-like bodies in as little as four weeks. But little do these people know that these models have been working on their bodies for decades.  To fix this, Nicolas says that people should be focusing more on their skills rather than their looks.

The biggest mistake they see gyms do is focusing more on their revenue. Nicolas says that the traditional gym business model has 80% of their clientele not even using their facility while paying for membership. In Street Workout Academy, they focus on people and their progress. Nicolas says "We only care about fueling our clients with as much knowledge and training as we can so they can be self-sufficient regarding their overall wellness in the long term. The few products we support and promote do offer a benefit and don’t fool people with false, deceiving claims. We work with people, for people."

Outdoor workout class

Street Workout Academy is here to make a difference in the
industry, to shift the focus on well-being rather than good looking.

When people truly feel good within their body they look good on the outside. We exist to encourage and promote an overall healthy lifestyle, that anybody can embrace no matter how old, overweight, busy, lazy or resigned they are. We have worked with a multitude of people from elders, to youngsters, drug addicts, professional athletes, and everyday people. Anyone can join us and progress towards a better self.

Street Workout Academy


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