CrossFit Backward Arrow: Providing Results, Community, and Fun

Josh and Lindsay Boynton, owners of Crossfit Backward Arrow, describe their gym as one that provides results, community, and fun. They believe that it’s a lot easier to achieve anyone's wanted results when everyone's having fun and when there is a sense of community. They strive to make their workouts the best hour of their member’s day.

Their name is based off the old proverb an arrow can only be shot by pulling backward so when life is pulling you back with difficulty, it means you're about to be shot into something great. CrossFit involves mental toughness and an understanding that the struggle one feels will pay off in the long term. They believe that CrossFit is a catalyst for great things and they've seen that happen time and time again in people's lives. Definitely, a well thought out name, right? 

The number one thing that makes them different from other gyms is teaching. Josh himself is a licensed physical therapist with several certifications, making him an expert in body movement and function. Their coaches undergo extensive training with him before coaching a class on their own. They are trained to teach correct form and ensure safety at all times. Josh also helps coaches learn to teach without nagging or sounding “preachy.”

At CrossFit Backward Arrow, they dedicate their time to teaching their members proper movement patterns and working on fundamentals. They make sure that their members learn how to do the movements safely, especially the majority of them come in with little to no experience in lifting heavy weights or doing gymnastics. They also create opportunities for success in progressing through the fundamentals so their members can learn a new skill and have fun using their bodies.

Annual water balloon fight held after their July 4th Hero WOD

One of the biggest mistakes they see people make when exercising is attempting to do the fancy movements that they see on Instagram. People want to jump from step 1 to 10 without putting in the foundational work in between. While advanced movements like muscle-ups or heavy snatch are completely doable, one should not expect to achieve that on the first day. It would take dedication and practice to learn these movements.

As for the other gyms, the biggest mistake they’ve seen them make so far is groupthink. In their case, they took on an entirely different mindset from other gyms. They also encourage all business owners to figure out who they are and focus on what they do best. Being an original is always the best and no one’s mimicked version will ever come close.

Photo from a yearly event they do at a local paddle boarding place

Building CrossFit Backward Arrow took a very special dedication from the couple. Josh and Lindsay had their share of ups and downs in the last couple of years. While they had their differences, they do compliment each other. Josh handles the physical side of exercise along with his fun personality while Lindsay manages the business side of things along with her experience in mindfulness and leadership principles. These strengths are what made their gym and amazing place for people to grow and improve physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is what makes their gym, as their members describe them, a second home, family, and sanctuary.

CrossFit Backward Arrow

1701 N. Treadaway
Abilene, TX

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