CrossFit Chippewa Falls: A Community of Ordinary People Showing Up in Extraordinary Ways

CrossFit Chippewa Falls is a gym that provides more than just training. Their box is a community that provides support to each and every member. This is how their owner, Allison Short, describes their gym.

Allison proudly shares that what makes them stand out from other gyms is the authenticity and truthfulness that they provide. Everyone in CrossFit Chippewa Falls, from the members to the coaches, is all 100% genuine in supporting each another. They have a pure desire for everyone to succeed in their health and fitness goals and to become better versions of themselves.

One of the biggest mistakes they see people make when exercising is trying to advance with movement progressions and/or weight too quickly. People want to be able to do those sexy movements even if they have not put in much time yet. Allison advises that they should be patient with the movements and with CrossFit. They should also not rush the weight. Most importantly, they should be consistent in their training.

As for the other gyms, one of the mistakes they see them make is keeping up with the Jones. One does not have to follow if another gym is doing some new fancy program. What works for the other gyms do not mean that it will work for one’s own gym too. Instead of doing this, they should just stick to what they are good. Allison also shares that they should always do what is best for their members even when it is not always the best thing for the owner.

At CrossFit Chippewa Falls, they keep their box clean but without making it feel like a hospital or museum. They still retain the CrossFit feel inside the box. Aside from keeping their facility in great condition, they also make sure it is up-to-date by buying new equipment for the box.

Allison also cares so much for her members to a point of sacrificing her own paycheck for the month to be able to host two annual parties for the members of CrossFit Chippewa Falls. She also extends her kindness outside the box by donating to local and non-local causes.

The community at CrossFit Chippewa Falls plays a big role in the success of every member of their health and fitness goals. The support that each and every person gives inside the gym is crucial to the progress and improvement of everyone. The good thing is that their community is made up of ordinary people who show up in extraordinary ways. 

CrossFit Chippewa Falls offers different kinds of services in their community. They have Functional Fitness, Group Training, Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, and even Performance Products. For functional fitness, they take movements from everyday life and use these movements to strengthen and tone the body. Their CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) encourages one to complete these movements in a time-oriented or task-based manner. They also teach proper form and technique to their members before reducing time and increasing weight. CrossFit Chippewa Falls offer different programs for kids, teens, and adults.


CrossFit Chippewa Falls

16 Taylor Street
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

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