CrossFit DownRiver: Getting Members into the Best Shape of their Lives

Kirk Said, owner of Downriver Strength & Conditioning, d/b/a CrossFit DownRiver describes their gym as a place that welcomes people from all walks of life. Male, female, young, old, professional athlete and couch potato, everyone’s welcome to their gym! They are dedicated to serving all kinds of fitness needs as long as the member comes in, ready to workout. Their goal is to help all their members get into the best shape for their lives.

Young or old, everyone's welcome at CrossFit DownRiver

CrossFit DownRiver is a coach-based gym which means you will never wander around aimlessly wondering what to do. The staff and the members will be there every step of the way to help you through your fitness journey.

You'll be guided along the way with CrossFit DownRiver

What separates CrossFit DownRiver from the rest is their program which delivers fitness by design, broad, general and inclusive. Their specialty is not specializing. Their program is universally scalable, making it the fit for anyone regardless of experience.

CrossFit DownRIver in action

The biggest mistake he sees other people make is when they expect a quick fix. Fitness is a process and a lifestyle. There is no quick fix and no 6-week boot-camp that will get someone into shape. Proper programming, healthy nutrition, and consistency is the key to a better way of life.

The CrossFit DownRiver Family

Lastly, Kirk also shared that CrossFit DownRiver is so much more than a workout facility for all their members. “For most of us, it is our second home,” Kirk said. Members become family. Life-long friendships have been made and the camaraderie is second to none.


CrossFit DownRiver

12717 Universal Dr, Taylor, MI 48180

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