CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab: One Giant Community

Matt Biolsi, Owner and Head Coach CF-L3 of CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab describes their gym as one giant community.  They work out together but also spend almost all their free time together as well.  Matt added, “All my friends are in the gym!”

What separates them from other gyms? Their camaraderie! They do so much more than work out together.  They hang out at a local restaurant every Wednesday night and just listen to live music, they support local charities, on any given night you can find them at someone’s house just hanging out and enjoying each others company.  They recently had a competition in Louisville 2/12 hours away and they had more spectators than athletes competing.   Matt also shared that being in a military town, their turnover rate is pretty high as people are constantly moving.  Many of their athletes still choose to stay on the gym’s program and Matt believes it’s more about wanting to stay involved with their community than it is to do the workouts.  

The biggest mistake he sees other people make when they exercise is starting out too fast.  Matt emphasized, “People often forget that fitness is a lifetime journey.  Don’t look at those around you today and try to be like them.  Each of us is on a different journey.  For Some it is to lose weight, for others, it’s to become a serious athlete, and for others, it’s to be able to play with our grandkids when we are in our senior years.  Focus on your goals and not on everyone else’.  Lift only what you are capable of and just focus on being better than you were yesterday.” 

When asked about the biggest mistake he sees other gyms commit, Matt responded “Fortunately we are in an area where we have some great gyms but what I have seen from other places is not focusing on the basics.  In CrossFit, we have 9 foundational movements ( the air squat, front squat, overhead squat, Press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high-pull, and medicine ball clean.  Whatever your training regimen is, always remember to focus on the basics.”

CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab. not only have a great community but some stellar athletes.  They have had great success training tactical athletes for military selections and for getting them ready for combat.  They have great CrossFit athletes as well as weightlifters, powerlifters, and runners.  They have people who survived cancer and came off anxiety medication.  The mental fortitude of our athletes is second to none.

More than that, They are a community who just strives to be better than they were yesterday.  Constantly evolving to find the best way to prepare every athlete for the unknown and unknowable.  


CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab

207 Harnett Ct., Clarksville, TN 37043
(931) 217-9246

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