CrossFit Eta: A Gym for Families

Mike Wilson, co-owner of CrossFit Eta, describes their gym as family-oriented. They are dedicated to changing the lives of families in the area through the methodologies of CrossFit.

CrossFit Eta provides high-value service to its clients. Their gym is one where all of their coaches truly care about each member. They make sure you stay committed to the decision you made to improve your health by creating multiple points of contact and accountability. According to Mike, this is what separates them from the other gyms.

Their members start with One-on-One Foundations where a coach will walk them through everything to make sure that they are comfortable before going into a group class setting. This is to ensure that their members enjoy spending time at CrossFit Era. They also do not pressure them into lifting heavy or going fast. They make sure that their clients become family first.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when exercising is trying to get healthy overnight. Rushing things will only make things worse instead of better. Drastic changes in a short period of time will only cause burn out. Eventually, it can hold one back from reaching his/her goals. At CrossFit Era, they encourage small changes over time. The belief in that process, Mike shares, is what truly drives big picture changes.

CrossFit Eta offers Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Remote Programming services. They help drive your nutrition in the right direction through Nutrition Coaching. By doing this, they believe that their clients’ results in the gym will greatly improve. Personal Training is for those clients who are more comfortable in a one-on-one setting than a group class and those who like personalized attention. There are also those who utilize half hour skill sessions to improve specific movements while also attending group CrossFit classes.


CrossFit Eta

5796 East State Highway 114

Haslet, TX 76052


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