CrossFit Houma: Louisiana's First


Owner and Head Coach Brian Ellender shared with me that CrossFit Houma is proud to be the first Crossfit affiliate in Louisiana and that they have evolved over the years to better help clients reach their goals. They do this by coaching them on the 4 Pillars of Health (Nutrition, Movement, Recovery, and Community), paying attention to every client, offering a variety of programs, keeping a fun atmosphere and having amazing coaches!

CrossFit Houma in action
CrossFit Houma in action

What separates CrossFit Houma from other gyms? Their experience! Their years of experience have led them to form their own atmosphere which is very important. The immense amount of intimidation out there about joining a gym exist and having friendly and knowledgeable coaches together with their long-term clients help them set up a very inviting and motivational environment for everyone. Also, they particularly emphasize on proper movement because they believe that “you can't progress like you want to if you're injured!” Other than this, their experience and research (which never stops!) help them to not only acknowledge that there is no such thing as perfect group programming, but also motivates them to help each client perform the best version of daily workouts for him or her.


Additionally, CrossFit Houma offers a lot of fun, varied community events like kayaking, paddle boarding, bouldering, beach volleyball, hiking, healthy food parties and more. Events like these help their clients to get to know each other better and to also enjoy a positive community as they believe that this is a crucial element to one’s overall health.

The fun and welcoming atmosphere of Crossfit Houma

Brian says that form breakdown, over training and ignoring nutrition are some of the common mistakes people commit when they exercise. Beginning a new form of exercise the right way requires a proper beginner's stage so that expectations are clear from day one.  CrossFit Houma have evolved to offer every client complete six, one hour, one-on-one sessions to learn the moves with excellent form, as well as how to progress with those moves.

Additionally, CrossFit Houma offers programming for the general population as well as those who want a more intense workout. CrossFit Houma also help clients determine if their work out style is helping them reach their goals or if it's actually holding them back. Brian says they are not afraid to tell their clients to take a day off, use less or more weight, and offer better ways to reach their goals. CrossFit Houma believes that the biggest mistake a gym can do is when they do not individualize their client’s experience which can lead to form breakdown and over training.

Overall, Crossfit Houma is all about fun! Brian says, “We've added many programming offerings and Community events to our repertoire over the years, and understand that you can't out-train a bad diet”, and I couldn’t agree more to that!


CrossFit Houma

1437 St. Charles St. Ste #119
Tel: 985.381.5231


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