CrossFit Invulnerable: Improving Health and Wellness while Having Fun

Brian Lowe, the owner of CrossFit Invulnerable, describes their gym as a close-knit family style gym. It is based on the three Fs: functional fitness, fun, and family.

What makes them different from other gyms is their laid-back style. Brian, who grew up in sports, shares that he learned early on that one can still have fun while working to be successful at something.

The biggest mistake he sees people make in exercise is doing it alone. There are plenty of resources that one can find and he believes that one can learn something from anyone.

As for the other gyms, he thinks that the biggest mistake they are making is putting the competition aspect of CrossFit before the health and wellness side. Not all clients and members of the gym want to be a competitor, but everyone wants to be healthier. Brian shares that they are focusing on the many and not just a few ones.

At CrossFit Invulnerable, anyone could walk into their gym anytime and would still feel like he/she is at home and has known everyone for a long time. Everyone is very supportive and friendly and ready to grab a beer at the brewery after class.


CrossFit Invulnerable

2 North Rd, Rear Building Unit  #7
East Windsor, CT 06088

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  • As a member for a little over a year, i can vouch for Invulnerable and what they stand for. What they teach projects onto others. Which is why whoever joins, is welcomed with open arms. Brian is very intelligent and caters to each individuals needs. He’s always trying to make us better mentally and physically. I’m never leaving ❤️

    Tiffany G

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