CrossFit LoDo: A Functional Training Facility

Ryan Anderson, owner of CrossFit LoDo describes their gym as a functional training facility in the heart of Denver, Colorado that emphasizes on the environment and fun to achieve really challenging fitness goals.  

The CrossFit LoDo Family

What separates them from the rest is how they believe in the independence and drive of their athletes. Ryan is an owner who loves people who change their fitness goals. Those who emphasize different things, at different times to be healthy and happy. Ryan added that he believes they do a really good job with their programming and leading the group through classes. Moreover, they provide an environment that encourages Open Gym and people’s own programming.

CrossFit LoDo in action!

The biggest mistake he noticed people make when they exercise is when they do not stick long enough to see a change! Consistency and effort can take people places they never thought they’d go, but they need to stay on the course to achieve it.

Ryan also shared with me some of the biggest mistakes other gyms commit. First is believing that what they teach is dogma. Ryan believes that there is no such thing as a dogma in fitness. The second is being militant to their clients instead of facilitating an environment that people would end up enjoying every day. The latter can be a  turn off to clients.

A place where you can have fun!

Lastly, Ryan wants to tell everyone that “I was a professional athlete, and I value anyone who wants to attain big goals. But I will make sure an athlete knows that whether it is at my gym with my direction, with a different coach, a different gym, or on their own, that their goals are all within them to reach; I’m merely a facilitator.”

Check out CrossFit LoDo and their amazing team to see how a fun and encouraging environment like the one they have can help you attain your fitness goals!


CrossFit Lodo

Address: 601 West 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80202

TEL: 303-946-1721



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