CrossFit Northern Kentucky: The Epitome of Community

CrossFit Northern Kentucky is the epitome of community. This is how Kendra Ross, the head coach, and co-owner, describes their gym. There is an unwritten understanding that the ego is left at the door and there is no “I” or “me” attitude inside the box. “People that may have never crossed social circles are encouraging each other to push themselves to be their very best each time they walk through the door,” shares Kendra.



Something interesting about CrossFit Northern Kentucky is that they have every age and skill level of an athlete working alongside one another and cheering each other on. In their gym, it’s cool to see younger athletes spotting out older athletes and the older ones giving life advice to the younger generation. At their gym, they believe that CrossFit is for anybody and no one should be intimidated to walk inside their box.

According to Kendra, what makes them different from the other gyms is that they make sure their athletes have good form and technique. If one is not taught proper technique and correct movement patterns, there is a risk for injury, especially at high repetitions. For the younger and middle-aged athletes, they want to help prevent future injuries and strengthen those areas that have been weakened due to their past injuries. For the older ones, they want to help them stay active and build strength so they can continue to live and do things they love without pain or limitations.



One of the biggest mistakes that people make in the gym is not listening to their bodies when they need rest or when they need to scale their weight. “I read recently that pain, fatigue, stress, loss of joy and irritability are actually “warning signs.” When we find ourselves experiencing these “warning signs”, we need to rest,” Kendra shares. For her, these warning signs are the body’s way of telling that one has pushed too much. Athletes will have a tendency of getting burned out and becoming injured if they do not mind their bodies. It could also compromise the health, relationships, and peace of the athletes in general. The coaches at CrossFit Northern Kentucky are encouraging their athletes to scale as needed and are modifying movements to ensure their members avoid issues like this.



At CrossFit Northern Kentucky, their focus is on every one of their athletes regardless of skill level, athleticism, and even personality as a whole part of the community. For the other gyms, some of them focus only on gains even at the cost of the form. There are also those who give more attention to their few competitive level athletes and less focus on those who are not. This would lead to the detriment of the community as there would be safety concerns and decreased likelihood for continued engagement in the program.



CrossFit Northern Kentucky gives value to each and every member of their community. Kendra shares, “we love our members at our gym. We want them to reach their goals but we also care about them and their daily lives as well.” They are even known to pick people up to get them to the gym or even go to their house and grab workout clothes for them if they are caught up with other things.



The goal of Kendra and the rest of the team at CrossFit Northern Kentucky is to help their members become the best version of themselves. They want their gym to be the place where their members can go to start their day off strong or rid themselves of a rough day at work or home. They make sure that the hour that their clients spend inside the box would be one of the best hours of their day.


CrossFit Northern Kentucky

5785 B Constitution Dr.
Florence, KY 41042

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