CrossFit Parts Unknown: Helping Every One Get Better Every Day

CrossFit Parts Unknown is a place for anyone and everyone that wants to have fun, push themselves, and get better every day. This is how Raymond Peterson, L-1 trainer and co-owner of CFPU, describes their gym. At their gym, they welcome clients of any and all skill levels. Raymond is also proud to share how lucky they are to have a great and knowledgeable coaching staff. All of their coaches are eager and willing to help their members achieve their goals.


What sets them apart from other gyms, according to Raymond, is their community. Having opened in December 2017, their gym is quite new and their community is still growing. As they are growing in number, their community remains very close and tight-knit. They have essentially become an extended family to one another.

According to Raymond, one of the biggest mistakes he sees as a coach are athletes trying to RX workouts (specifically loading) at the expense of full range of motion. “The secret to improving as an athlete are mastering the mechanics and consistency first.  The weight and intensity will come only after the fundamentals are mastered,” shares Raymond.

As for the other gyms, one mistake he cited is that they are being too concerned with getting people in the door. They should instead focus on the members already in the gym and their growth and development as an athlete.

One fun fact about CrossFit Parts Unknown is that the name came from Raymond being a giant Pro Wrestling fan. He used to be an avid fan of Ultimate Warrior as a child and this wrestler was billed as being from Parts Unknown.  “So I took that along with CrossFit preparing athletes for the Unknown and came up with Parts Unknown,” shares Raymond.

To get started with CrossFit Parts Unknown, a client needs to enroll in an introductory class. This will provide the opportunity to meet the coaching staff and find out personally about CrossFit Parts Unknown Cross. The first three classes are free of charge, so a potential client could test out if CFPU would suit him/her. 

During the introductory classes, the member will be introduced to the basic, fundamental movements of CrossFit. There will also be a short, relatively intense WOD so the coaching staff can assess and evaluate movement. This will also give him/her a feel for how normal CrossFit classes are conducted.

One of the programs offered by CrossFit Parts Unknown is Nutrition Coaching. With this program, a member is paired with a nutrition coach from the gym who has been screened, trained and certified to teach about the ins and outs of meal prepping, weighing, tracking, and many others. Every coach understands that each physical body is different. The coaches listen, adjust and help the members learn how to make sense of their own anatomy and relationship with food. With the Nutrition Coaching program, this ensures that every minute that a member spends in the gym pays off, both mentally and physically. The nutrition coach will work with their members to help turn the sweat sessions into the results that they are after.


CrossFit Parts Unknown

321 W. Will Rogers Blvd 
Claremore, OK 74017 

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