CrossFit PTBO: Making a Difference in People's Lives

CrossFit PTBO is a gym that makes a difference in people’s lives. This is how Ruth Cheng, its co-owner, describes it. Not only do they make someone feel better physically but also help them feel better mentally. They try their best to put a smile on everyone’s face and even help people battle osteoporosis!

What makes CrossFit PTBO different from other gyms, according to Ruth, is that their gym caters to all of their members. They do not focus on just 1% of the elite athletes in the gym. They ensure that there are structure and consistency in the exercises done. She is also proud to claim of CrossFit PTBO being the cleanest gym anyone will ever go to.

Ruth shares that a lot of people are misinformed on how to approach exercise. They are often advised to stop doing a particular exercise if they are hurt. If they want to be successful in doing exercises, they should find a good and knowledgeable coach and listen to them. “Coaching is a service and we want to help people fix WHY they are “hurt” – not to quit working out,” Ruth says. This does not mean that they should keep going and tough it out though. Instead, they should fix the issue safely and think of long-term goals and results.

One of the biggest mistakes that other gyms commit is following other gyms blindly. Ruth shares that they were also guilty of this in the beginning. Eventually, they decided to find a business mentor – Two Brain Business – and she claims that it was the best decision they made. This business mentor has guided them in making smart decisions.

Ruth shares that they aim to help people achieve their goals. They want their members to be able to do the things they are doing right now even after 30 years or so.  Their goal is to become a leader within their local community both in health and in business.

CrossFit PTBO has been in operation for almost 4 years now. Since their opening in August 2015, they have been evolving by building up their personal training portfolio, growing the Weightlifting Club, expanding in group CrossFit classes and specialty programs. However, their gym is not just all about hard work. They also have social gatherings and trips to competitions. This is in line with one of their pillars which are supporting and fostering the community.

For beginners at CrossFit, they are required to complete the Fundamentals before they are allowed to enter the program at CrossFit PTBO. They also offer Weightlifting Club, Personal Training, and Diapers and Dumbbells. The CrossFit PTBO Weightlifting Club runs three times a week and is a continuous program. For personal training, they are scheduled at their client’s convenience. They also have a semi-private session of up to four members. Diapers and Dumbbells program is specifically designed for dads and moms. Babies are welcome to join the fun too! This program gives focus on movements that will obtain significant strength and cardiovascular health. Their Nutrition program is also currently in the works and will be open soon.


CrossFit PTBO

680 The Queensway, Unit C,
Peterborough, ON K9J 7H2

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