CrossFit Rohkeus: A Family of Fitness Enthusiasts Striving for Progress

CrossFit Rohkeus is a family of fitness enthusiasts who enjoy improving their lives one workout at a time. They strive for progress and not perfection. This is how Nick Seiske, the affiliate owner of CrossFit Rohkeus, describes their gym.  They give all the advice, coaching, and support their members need to take their fitness level from wherever they are now to wherever they want to be.

Nick proudly shares that they have the best community of members and this is what separates them from other gyms. Not only are they working out together, but they are also helping out each other outside the box. They are always ready to lend a hand to a family member in need. They also enjoy and spend time together socially. Aside from this, their gym is also one of the few places that allow their members to be challenged every single day. 

One of the big mistakes that they see people make is expecting rapid results. People are living in a society of instant gratification and many people get into fitness with this mindset. When they do not get the results right away, they usually get discouraged and quit. This often leads to fad diets and gimmick exercise routines. According to Nick, one needs to make a lifestyle change to get the most out of any exercise program.


As for the other gyms, he noticed that many are too focused on their sales and membership numbers and not on their member retention and quality of service they offer. At CrossFit Rohkeus, they do not believe in contracts and long-term plans. They want their members to be at the gym because they want to improve their lives. They do not want it to become an obligation to be there. Members should be at the gym because they want to. Nick also shares that he expects a lot from their coaches at Crossfit Rohkeus and he makes sure they are doing everything they can to make every member welcome and comfortable.  

At CrossFit Rohkeus, the community is what defines them. They also treat fitness as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. They understand that CrossFit can seem intimidating at first and that the workouts are hard. But with CrossFit Rohkeus, one has a big family with everyone working alongside each other, making the exercise routines not as scary as it may seem. Camaraderie is definitely inevitable at their box and it’s not a surprise if one ends up making new friends while working his/her to looking and feeling good.


In addition to regular classes, CrossFit Rohkues also offers weekly barbell classes, open gym daily, and special interest seminars from time to time. They also have a cozy Kids Lounge to keep the kids entertained while parents get a workout in. They are also regularly involved in local competitions. They encourage members to push themselves and competitions are a great way to push them outside of their comfort zone. Aside from all of these, CrossFit Rohkeus also believe in fundraising for local charitable organizations as well as of the causes they support.


CrossFit Rohkeus

662 Armour Road,
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

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