CrossFit Round Lake: Diverse Program Offering

Melissa Manzer, Owner of CrossFit Round Lake describes their gym as an anomaly; a constantly buzzing, positive and supportive atmosphere where people tend to spend their happiest hour every day.

CrossFit Round Lake Family

What separates CrossFit Round Lake from the rest? Their diverse program offering! Many gyms in the CrossFit industry offer just that – CrossFit but CrossFit Round Lake have grown their program offering to include so much more in the world of functional fitness. They also run a Weightlifting program, a Spartan SGX program, Mobility classes, Skills classes, and open gym seven days a week. They recently added a Triathlon hybrid training program to their services in 2019.

Melissa together with a few members from the gym actually competed on NBC’s “Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge” back in 2015. They were showcased in the first season that the show aired. They competed as team “Love and Basketball,” named after Melissa and her wife, who were former professional basketball players! Check out their video in action!

Melissa Manzer, owner.

When asked about the biggest mistake she sees people make when exercising, Melissa responded “Exercise is a science; therefore, if you haven’t been educated on how the systems of the body are meant to work with one another, chances are – you are going to get hurt. I have my master's degree in Exercise Science, and all of our coaches are certified in one or more fields in the fitness industry.”

Melissa also shared that they work hard to keep their prices at-or-below the industry standard. They see gyms popping up all over the place due to the economic rise in the fitness industry and the biggest mistake she sees these new gyms commit is charging high monthly membership rates because they think they can. At CrossFit Round Lake, they price their services based off of the simple idea that – if more people can afford it, then we can help change even more people’s lives.

Another great thing about CrossFit Round Lake is that they are located on the Zim Smith Trail, which makes commuting to and from the gym in the summertime fun and convenient!


CrossFit Round Lake

2101 U.S. Route 9
Round Lake, NY 12151


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