CrossFit SpearHead: A Pinnacle Fitness Center in Salt Lake City

Dallin Frampton, owner of CrossFit SpearHead describes their gym as a pinnacle fitness center in Salt Lake City focused on enriching and bettering the lives of athletes of all backgrounds, ages and fitness abilities.  The goal of CrossFit SpearHead is to improve the lifestyle and overall standard of living for every single one of their clients and their physical abilities, regardless of their age or physical background.

CrossFit SpearHead has been blessed to have an unbelievable staff of coaches, managers, and employees who understand that their collective job, first and foremost, is to ensure that each of their clients spends the best hour of their entire day with them inside the gym.  Whether that means helping their clients towards a new PR, improving a gymnastic technique or simply offering an extra smile and a hug, they are always ready to serve their members. CrossFit SpearHead is experiencing unbelievable business success while also creating a bullet-proof CrossFit community by keeping their clients’ needs, wants and goals between their sights.

The biggest mistake he sees people make when they exercise is trying to go too hard, too fast, no matter what scenario.  He said that many people view CrossFit as a means to an end, such as, “I just want to look good for the Beachbody season in 3 months” and then their training reflects that. They try and lift too much weight, go faster than they should and ultimately end up hurt.  Dallin added, “We help our clients understand that our teachings at CrossFit SpearHead are meant for the long-haul and that exercise is a lifestyle, not a novelty. Slow down, lay the proper foundation and be patient. If you can accomplish this, you will achieve results never thought imaginable and do so completely injury free.”

Dallin also shared that the biggest mistake he sees other gyms do is surrounding their business model, the way they run their program and their relationship with their clients.  Dallin emphasized, “Running a successful business - more specifically, a successful CrossFit gym, is quite simple. Simply serve your members to the utmost, give them everything you have every single day and nurture a positive community and environment for anyone to participate in and join.  We take this simple mantra very seriously and as such, we have been able to create a magical CrossFit affiliate in Salt Lake City.”

A two-room school building, a water cistern, 60 desks and a pit latrine for a village in the rural country of Kenya all thanks to CrossFit SpearHead

But CrossFit SpearHead is more than just a gym, they are also a group of people who aim to help those who are in need. As a matter of fact, they have been conducting a fundraiser event every October and this has been going on for years now. Their gym puts on a CrossFit SpearHead specific fundraiser where they shoot to construct a two-room school building, a water cistern, 60 desks and a pit latrine for a village in the rural country of Kenya. They have been able to help 10,000+ students so far! Truly an inspiring and admirable act of kindness. Go check them out to be a part of the amazing CrossFit SpearHead family!


CrossFit SpearHead

4540 S Highland Drive 
Holladay, Utah 84117

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