CrossFit The Rack: A Focus on Functional Fitness

CrossFit The Rack is a niche training facility that focuses on functional fitness. Daniel Sullivan, President, and Co-Owner of CrossFit The Rack shared that they don’t offer a service so much as a solution. They make sure to understand the reason behind what their client wants to carry out, assess their client’s current abilities and design a training solution that starts where their client’s ability ends. Also, they make sure to use fitness as the vehicle to align their client’s priorities with their goals.
CrossFit The Rack

Daniel also shared a few of the biggest mistakes they noticed people make when they exercise. First is their ego, as cliché as it may sound, people’s ego is still one of the biggest factors. They noticed that people don’t ask for help nor put value in hiring a professional to aid them. Some people just assume that they know how to do it or they are just too afraid to ask. Daniel emphasized that, “We all need coaches! I have a coach and I have been a professional in this industry for almost 20 years.”

Another major problem that they noticed is when a client does not understand their "why". Daniel recommends a client to ask themselves at least 5 times or more to figure out the real reason they would want to do it. He believes that this is important in realizing a client's inspiration. Without knowing it, they will just keep on missing a mark and may find themselves feeling unsatisfied. Lastly, people also need to understand that it's okay to become vulnerable if they want to truly carry out their goal.

CrossFit The Rack in action


CrossFit the Rack also takes pride in having coaches and staff that are friendly, knowledgeable and inviting. This is what everyone says about them because this is what their gym is truly all about. Ultimately, CrossFit the Rack is a group of people who are passionate about what they do and they use their platform to truly help people in whatever ways they can. They are looking to help people in recovery (from drugs, alcohol or any addiction really) and they are also hoping to get fitness into the local school system as they believe it will be a tremendous help for the youth. Finally, CrossFit the Rack wants to tell everyone that, “Fitness is not a commodity it is a necessity”.


CrossFit the Rack

49 E. Midland Avenue
Paramus, New Jersey 07652

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