CrossFit Walnut Creek North and South: A CrossFit Box that Elevates the Game

Eric Williams, Co-Owner of CrossFit Walnut Creek North and South describes their gym as a CrossFit Box that elevates the game by returning to the fundamentals of strength and conditioning. They take pride in having small classes and incorporating the scarlet letters of “functional fitness” to create a well-rounded fitness facility as one can hope for.

They believe in the benefits of having small classes

What separates them from the rest is that they have in-house nutrition founded in science, not ideology.  Their members move well, not fast.  They do a warm-up that, by the testimony of their drop-ins, is better than anything they’ve experienced before.  Eric added, “I’ve been to more than 100 boxes worldwide – no one does it as we do.”

CrossFit Walnut Creek North and South

The biggest mistake he sees other people do when they exercise is treating fitness like a problem that needs to be solved.  “It’s a way of life.  There isn’t a fix. There is only routine, discipline and consistency.  The quicker you realize that the sooner you will get what you want.”, Eric said.

CrossFit Walnut Creek North and South in action

Eric also shared that the biggest mistake he sees other gyms do is when they let the members dictate how the program goes.  Eric emphasized, “Who is the expert?  Do you go to your accountant and tell them how they should prepare your taxes?  You either know your stuff and can clearly and plainly explain what you are doing and why it’s of benefit, or it’s indifferent from the random stuff cooked up by a collective consciousness.”

Moreover, CrossFit Walnut Creek North and South prioritizes strength and technique over everything.  Strength and techniques are durable. It is something that will be there even if you take time off, only perhaps a bit rusty.  Conditioning, on the other hand, is perishable the moment you take a day off.  "That’s why we don’t idolize WOD since you can always improve your technique but you can’t always improve your WOD.", Eric added.

The small classes offered by CrossFit Walnut Creek North and South is truly something you need to experience, especially if you want to improve your Strength and Techniques so go check them out!


CrossFit Walnut Creek North and South

936 Detroit Ave Suite A
Concord, CA 94518
(925) 708-4584

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