Crushing Keto with Kayla

Kayla is a mom of 2 littles, a 4-month old baby and an 18-month-old toddler. They live in Upstate NY with the love of her life, Jake. Kayla describes her life as pretty boring for the most part, but she loves sharing that boring with the world through her YouTube channel. She loves Keto, she is a new cleaning fanatic and is now obsessed with all the baby clothes.

Kayla started with Keto in December of 2015. She had a miscarriage with her first pregnancy and her health had been going downhill for years since then. Kayla was devastated, sick, and knew she knew it was time to change. She researched any and everything to help her heal herself through her diet. One night, she stumbled across Keto Karma on YouTube whom Kayla now calls as the mother of Keto on YouTube. She binge watch her videos and from then on, she was fascinated by not only the results but the science.

Kayla lost 80 pounds in her first year and a half of Keto. Her cycles had completely regulated and she got pregnant with her son, Sawyer! 15 months after the birth of her son, Kayla got pregnant with their new addition, Lorelei! Kayla shared, “I don’t think it would be a surprise to anyone that after 2 very close pregnancies, mom has gained, but with all of my results and health Keto brought me, it was no question what I was going back to after my bundles arrived!”

When asked about the setbacks she encountered while on Keto, Kayla shared that she was always very accepting of all the ways different people lived their Keto lives since the beginning of her journey. 

“II feel like I got into a very strict mindset, which was unhealthy for me. I would feel so disappointed in myself if I stumbled or had an “off” day. I’ve learned in my years with this that we’re all just human. We’ll have days when we feel like ketogenic rock stars, those days are great! On the other hand, we’ll have those “fan in the stands” days we look at all those ketogenic rock stars and compare ourselves. As they say, comparison is the thief of joy. I fully believe we have to stop looking at days when we aren’t as much of a “rock star” as just a normal part of life. There’s always tomorrow. No matter how many times you fall, you only fail if you don’t GET BACK UP and keep trying!”

Kayla added that the common mistake she noticed other people commit while on Keto is being too hard on one’s self. Kayla emphasized, “You are your biggest supporter. You can’t get down on yourself to the point that you feel so discouraged that you want to give up. Nothing is set in stone and nothing can stop you except for YOU.”

Her favorite Keto meals? “I  can never get enough of Jalapeno Popper Chicken. I love anything simple and not too overly complicated. I do the best that I can to eat whole foods like meat, eggs, fats low carb veggies, etc. I love a good keto pizza or dessert from time to time but for the most part, the easier, the better for me!”

Kayla’s Top 3 Keto Tips
  1. Keep it SIMPLE. Start out simple, whole foods and natural fats. You can try all the fancy recipes in time. Keto has a learning curve for sure and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed in the beginning. Try to get the Keto basics down first and then explore from there!
  2. Don’t put too much stock into the negative comments you’ll get from people in your life. It’s been so drilled into our brains in America that “fat is bad!” and will cause health problems. You are in charge of your health, no one else. If people want to learn, great! Otherwise, just smile and nod, kids, smile and nod.
  3. Please do this for your health. Weight loss is great and a part of health, but please research all of the benefits this way of life has to offer. Hunger for overall health. If that’s strict keto, “lazy” keto, or anything in between, do this for your health and because you love yourself. Realize that you are worth investing the time and energy. You deserve the best quality of life. 

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