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Depot Fitness goal is to have their members to have a 1-hour workout session as one of their best in a day. That is when they believe they have done their job. They also want their members to feel accomplished when walking out of their gym. Apart from Crossfit, Depot Fitness also offer Olympic weightlifting program, youth fitness class, and boot camp class. They currently have four locations in California an would soon reopen a branch in Hollywood.

Depot Fitness family

Their Director of Marketing & Operations Steph Lo got into the fitness industry when she fell in love with CrossFit and had the passion to help people live a healthier and happier life. She gets to do just that working for Depot Fitness. She explains that seeing one of their members get their first pull-up or set a new personal record (PA) never gets old. 

What separates Depot Fitness from other gyms is their inclusive community. Steph said that often, people skip trying out CrossFit because they compare themselves with the CrossFit athletes they see in television. Depot Fitness celebrates individuality and wants everyone to feel welcome. They believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone. Because of this, they cost $5 community classes, bring a friend(for free) days, and their Depot Pride workout where they celebrate their LGBTQ+ athletes and allies.

During Depot Fitness Pride Workout

One big mistake Depot Fitness sees people making is when they let their ego come in the way of their workouts. Steph said that CrossFit classes are undoubtedly a competitive environment. People would normally push themselves too hard to be the fastest, heaviest lifting athlete for the class. To fix this mistake, they always remind their members to perform at their best but with safety in mind. Telling them that form should always come before speed.

Depot Fitness believes in the benefits of CrossFit training and emphasizes on an athletes well-being.

Depot Fitness

11329 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA — 90025

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