DiamondBack Cross Fit: Providing Elite Coaching

Jody Stanush, the owner of DiamondBack CrossFit, describes their gym as one with the purpose of providing elite coaching in a judgment-free environment. They are motivating people to achieve ultimate health, wellness, and fitness.

While their gym may cover a lot of areas, their community remains tight and close-knit. They are supported by locally-owned businesses surrounding their gym. In turn, they support these local businesses and give back to their community. Jody shares that the support from inside and outside the box brings motivation and helps create a family feeling in the gym.

The biggest mistake that people make when exercising, according to Jody, is not showing up to their classes on time. This will lead them to miss coaching and direction as they are all given at the beginning of the class. It’s best to show up on time especially if you are new and do not want to stand out.

DiamondBack CrossFit is a family-owned gym. They strive to provide an enjoyable fitness experience. They are a fun place where they see amazing things happen to ordinary people. Whether one may be a beginner or a professional athlete, all are welcome to enjoy their functional coaching programs regardless of their fitness level.


DiamondBack CrossFit

5102 Monaco Circle, Ste. 3
San Antonio, TX 78263

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