Friendship Fitness and Nutrition: A Customized Approach to Fitness

Friendship Fitness & Nutrition is a full service health and wellness facility that provides a customized approach to fitness for each person. Jeff Binek, Owner of Friendship Fitness & Nutrition describes it as a place where you can work with Dietitians, Physical Therapist, or Fitness Trainers to achieve whatever success looks like to you.

Friendship Fitness and Nutrition

What separates them from the rest is their integration of nutrition work and custom meal plans for their clients starting from day 1 and working that into their goals early. They also work nutrition into their robust kids & teens program as well as to their group offerings; Thrive and CrossFit. This has helped them get faster results for people with lower injury rates and improved happiness and guidance.

Making friends while trying to stay fit

The biggest mistake Jeff sees people are making is when they want too much too fast. Being happy with what they are able to do currently and understanding the process to move forward is a major key to success. In health and fitness, long term consistency is the name of the game - nothing will come overnight. Jeff added, “Don’t beat yourself up if you struggle to figure out a movement or exercise, instead, be excited that you have something you can work hard on to achieve that will leave you fitter and more functional down the road. That virtually guarantees you’ll be more fit when you’re older!”

The biggest mistake they see others gyms do by far is Group On Ramp. They tried this for a few years and realized that it was a horrible decision. New people need the most guidance and the most help with the exercises. The best way to help them is to dedicate a coaches’ time with that person for 6-10 hours of uninterrupted coaching time. They cover nutrition, mobility, stability, injury prevention, scaling and test the athletes on their knowledge before coming to class - these are seriously important things that they just weren’t able to give enough time to when they had 6-10 athletes for every coach while On Ramp. It is a challenge, it takes training your team, changing your systems, failing and asking a higher price point - but, Jeff said it is necessary if you want a top quality offering.

Friendship Fitness and Nutrition in action

Lastly,  Friendship Fitness & Nutrition put their coaches into continuing education mandates based on their experience level, and they complete seminars (run by the coaching staff) weekly about what they’ve been learning. This has helped them advance a highly professional coaching staff to new levels, kept the coaches engaged and excited and improved their offerings through intelligent discussion.

Friendship Fitness & Nutrition offers truly amazing and impressive programs so go check them out!

Friendship Fitness
 & Nutrition

6625 Reflections Dr
Dublin, OH 43017

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