Getting Her Life Back: Candace McGowen's Keto Diet Journey

A loving mother of two beautiful girls is how Candace McGowen, the woman behind the Ketoable Life blog and Instagram @candace.can.keto, describes herself. With a Fine Arts degree under her belt, she expresses her creativity in as many areas of her life as she can, and one of them is through her cooking and living a Ketogenic lifestyle. 

She started her Keto journey when she learned about it through a friend who’s already doing it and decided to research it and then eventually felt that it was worth giving a try.

Having lost 50 pounds in the first 8 months since she started the Keto diet in 2018, Candace is on her way to hitting her final goal weight. The diet also gave her a healthier relationship with food and she’s now in tune with her hunger. It also helped her with her acne which she has struggled with her whole life.

But more than the physical changes, Candace attributes the improvement of her seizure condition to the Keto diet.

At the age of 19, she developed a seizure condition that affected her life greatly that she had to depend on other people for transportation, and for many years she never knew the cause. Now, thanks to the Keto lifestyle, she got her independency back (and a driver's license!)  and hasn’t had any seizures anymore.


Just like any other journey, Candace also had struggles with hers in the beginning. There have been plenty of times where she has overeaten, gone off plan or ate something she knows isn’t good for her. She believes there will always be temptations but the key, for here, is to just forget the transgressions and just go back on track and keep moving forward.

Being on the Keto diet for a while, she thinks the biggest mistake one can do while doing the diet is comparing their selves to others. She believes everybody’s body reacts differently and change takes time. But any progress is great progress.

That being said, here are her tips for anyone who’s thinking of starting to get into the Keto diet:

  1. Do your own research! Just start googling information. It’s great to ask others for their experience, but ultimately it comes down to your knowledge. You can ask someone for help and get meal plans, but it all comes down to you to follow through and learn what works for your body.
  2. Drink water and electrolytes! This will be a huge factor in avoiding Keto Flu in the beginning and to help keep you satisfied throughout the day and avoid excessive snacking, plus water is good for you!
  3. Don’t compare yourself. This is your journey and what works for one person may not work for you. You have to explore the different ways to do Keto and see what works best for you! 
Follow Candace and her journey to living a Keto life at Ketoable Life and @candace.can.keto.

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  • I love you very much honey great job iam so proud of you. Keep up the great work you are amazing , keep it up….

    Calvin Morris

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