Grand Trunk CrossFit: Motivating Athletes to become the Fittest Version of Themselves

Brooklyn Netherton, owner of Grand Trunk CrossFit, describes his gym as one that exists to help athletes become more awesome. They create an environment of fitness that their members can look forward to.

Grand Trunk CrossFit differs from other gyms because of the community that they’ve built in more than four years of existence. Their members have developed relationships with each other which were forged from the time they’ve spent together sweating and pushing themselves to the limit. This community is also not withhold within the four corners of their gym. Their members get together at local bars and restaurants to share stories and have fun.

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A special thing about their place is that members can be comfortable bringing in kids while participating in workouts. “It’s not uncommon to have a handful of kids playing with each other while the parents do the WOD within eyesight of their children,” shares Brooklyn.

According to him, one of the mistakes that people make when exercising is not setting the proper form. Some athletes would want quick results but do not pay attention to their form to achieve those gains. They ensure each athlete is going through the movement properly. Otherwise, members are corrected and taught the proper movement. Once they have the proper form, they can now shift their focus on those gains that they want.

Photo by: Kristen Schopieray Photography

In Grand Trunk CrossFit, they hold their athlete accountable. Unlike those big box gyms that advertise everywhere, they provide motivation and coaching to their members to help them achieve the fittest version of themselves.

While CrossFit is more expensive compared to other regular gyms where nobody is motivating and teaching the proper technique, their members are surely getting their money’s worth. Plus, all of their coaches are certified. No matter who is leading the class, their athletes are assured that they are receiving the best direction.

Brooklyn also shares that they are investing in the future of CrossFit and fitness by opening their doors to interested individuals through their CrossFit Boot Camp. The camp is geared towards people of all fitness levels and is focused on working out without heavy strength training or barbells.

Photo by: Kristen Schopieray Photography

Aside from this, they also offer a CrossFit Kids class. It is a 30-minute class that they run once a week. Seeing that a lot of their members are bringing in their kids to the box, they want to give them an outlet to burn all those energies. “The class is usually a toned-down version of the WOD adults so the kids feel like they are part of the action,” shares Brooklyn.

CrossFit is not an easy workout, but the results are legit. In Grand Trunk CrossFit, they help their members move their body the way it was meant to be moved.


Grand Trunk CrossFit

29665 WK Smith Dr., Suite B
New Hudson, MI 48165



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