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Joanie, also known as Keto Diamond on YouTube, is a 40-year-old mom and grandma who was 311.8 pounds at one point in her life. At only 5 feet tall, her weight was literally killing her. She used to have difficulty in breathing, had constant chest pain, and had had a serious heart event that’s why she decided to change her life.

She started sharing her journey with the world on YouTube after her 1st month. She had been sharing her journey and struggles for over two years now through her daily weigh-in vlogs that are packed with Keto knowledge and personal experience. Joanie tries to help everyone with Keto, Love, and Humor that’s why her viewers love her!

A month after Joanie decided to take her life and health more seriously, she found out about Keto. She started working out every day and tried to eat healthier. Joanie shared, “I was proud of myself so I posted to Facebook "30 workouts down, a million to go" My brother-in-law commented, "Hey go check out Keto!" I searched it on YouTube and came up with a wealth of info. I started that very day and have spent all my time consistently researching Keto as I practice it.”

Joanie’s Keto results surpassed anything she had ever expected. Keto Diamond already lost 130 pounds, but what was more remarkable is that she also lost type 2 diabetes, heart disease, essential thrombocythemia, sleep apnea, exploding head syndrome, IBS, chronic heartburn, chronic sinusitis, along with about 20 more diseases that she was supposed to have for life! All of these health conditions cleared up within her first 2-4 Keto.

Joanie shared that her favorite Keto go-to meals are bunless bacon double cheeseburgers with just beef, cheese, bacon, and mayo. What a delicious meal! Right?  She also likes omelets cooked in coconut oil with eggs, bacon, and cheese for an easy yet delicious meal. If she needs something more, she prepares chicken with ranch and some pork skins on the side. Joanie emphasizes, “Keto is best for me when it's done simply.”

When asked about the mistakes Joanie usually sees other people commit while on Keto, she responded, “There are so many mistakes that are very easy to make and most everyone makes them at least once. Trying to force intermittent fasting too soon. Allowing themselves to get too hungry, then struggling, cheating, or just quitting. Another big mistake is letting family, media influence, or doctors scare them off from Keto with common scare tactics, like freaking out over their cholesterol or "fat causes heart disease. I could make a mile-long list with this question.”

Here are Keto Diamond’s Top Three Keto Tips to Newbies:

  1. Learn everything you can, learn as much as you can, and start right now. Knowledge is power. Keto is free.  You just need knowledge and groceries.
  2. Don't force or rush into fasting. Eat when you are hungry and get full.
  3. Always make your next meal Keto!

Lastly, Joanie said, “I will gladly help anyone who needs help with Keto free, I encourage anyone seeking help or who has Keto questions to email me or visit me on Youtube. I always answer!”

Follow Keto Diamond on YouTube for more helpful information and inspiration on Keto diet!

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  • I LOVE her channel!! She is always real about what she is eating and doing. She can and will help you if you need it. I just love her to pieces. Someday, I hope to actually meet her and have a long conversation about her new way of life. Thank you Joanie for all you do.

    Mindy Blan

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