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Denise King is an entrepreneur, an author, a speaker and a Christian woman who is passionate about helping others live their best lives – be it spiritual, professional, health/wellness or in general. “I love making environments and people better than how I found them.”, Denise said. 

She learned about Keto as a result of a sugar-binge that she was on one weekend. She was literally devouring sweets – including Peanut M&Ms and other candy and cakes. After eating an entire “share” size bag of M&Ms, Denise was literally on the floor thinking many of them spilled out.  Denise shared, “It was while I was on my knees expecting to find them on the floor that I heard God say that I was out of control and the more sugar I ate, the more sugar I wanted. I also heard the word, “addiction,” which frightened me. I started researching the impact of sugar on the body and came across several articles about the Ketogenic (Keto) diet.  I wanted a way to break the addiction, so I continued my research and started my journey immediately.”

The result that she got from Keto? Amazing! She had been on high blood pressure medication for 16 years – one pill a day  but after being on Keto for 3 months, she was able to start weaning off blood pressure medicine. After only 5 months, she no longer require blood pressure medicine.  In addition, she lost over 105 pounds within 9 months of being on Keto.  

Another amazing thing about Denise is that she had no challenges while being on Keto. She broke the sugar addiction within the first 4 days of being on Keto and have had no cravings for sugar or any other food for that matter.  In addition, she has helped many others on their journey as well, including her 81-year-old Mom who lost 60 pounds and removed the need for 6 prescription medications.

Denise also shared that her easiest and favorite Keto meal is a cheeseburger salad with 3 cups of veggies or even a cheeseburger using her Keto-friendly bread recipe.  Her other go-to meal is a Spinach Blueberry Smoothie that’s great when she’s not really hungry, but need to get in more vegetables.

When asked about the mistakes she sees other people commit while on Keto, Denise responded, I see most people thinking and approaching their Keto journey as if it is a temporary fix or short-term diet instead of a lifestyle change, only to go back to old ways of eating.  Another common mistake is thinking there is a way to “cheat” on Keto, while not understanding that you can literally eat the foods you love, just by preparing them with alternative ingredients.  Another common mistake is that most folks don’t take the time to truly learn what Keto is all about and the root cause of a chronic illness so that they better understand that this way of eating is sustainable for a lifetime and will reverse, prevent, or eliminate chronic conditions and illness.”

Here are Denise’ Top 3 Tips to a Keto Newbie:
  1. Focus on your WHY. Take a look at the reason you need to change your health, lose weight, or even improve how you look and feel.  That WHY should be the catapulting reason to stay the course on your Keto journey. 
  2. Educate yourself.  Take the time to learn about the benefits of Keto & Intermittent Fasting to ensure you are doing it correctly. Understand what “healthy” Keto means and how you can easily make it a lifestyle. 
  3. Take it one day at a time.  Don’t rush the process of transforming your health.  You will reach every goal that you set, but you must focus on the day and not how you want to look in next month or in 6 months.  Stay the course one day at a time!

Above all, Denise King is a known Certified Keto Coach who has helped a lot of people with their fitness and wellness journey. When asked what prompted her to become a Certified Keto Coach, Denise responded, “I wanted to be more informed about the impact of sugar and high insulin in the body and how Keto & Intermittent Fasting could help reverse the chronic conditions that resulted.  When my Mom was diagnosed with heart and liver issues, her health was deteriorating fast. When I put her on the Keto diet and saw how her energy levels shot through the roof, excess fluid released from various parts of her body, and the removal of prescription medications, I had to help others in my family restore their health too. My passion deepened and now I get the privilege of seeing people totally transform their lives through my Keto With Denise program. Many have been removed from Diabetes medications because they now have normal A1C levels.  It’s been nothing short of amazing!”


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