Living a Happier and Healthier Life: Nicole's Keto Diet Journey

Known as Nicole Burgess in her Youtube channel, this wife, mom, and a teacher is a certified Ketogenic Lifestyle lover. She lost 85 pounds back in 2010 just doing low carb/exercise and then started the Keto diet just January of this year and she has already lost 17lbs.


Aside from the weight loss, she noticed a huge difference in the inflammation her body used to have. She also used to suffer from Eyelid Dermatitis but has since cleared up since her first month on Keto. She also feels happier and healthier than she’s ever been and considers it the best decision she’s ever made. 

Just like any other first timers in the Keto diet, she too has faced a few challenges along the way. One of it happened on the first night of her Keto journey where she suffered from the Keto flu which was so rough she really wanted to quit. But thankfully, her friends who are also in the Keto diet, encouraged her to power through and so she did.

Some of her go-to Keto meals include Bacon Chicken Avocado Salad with homemade Blue Cheese dressing and Taco bowls which has ground meat, cheese, avocado, sour cream and taco sauce. She also enjoys cooking from the Southern Keto Cookbook. 

Everyone does Keto differently, there’s strict keto, lazy keto, dirty keto, etc. and she believes that everyone should do the kind of Keto that best fits their lifestyle.

The only mistake she sees people make at the beginning of the Keto diet is that they do not track their macros or know how many net carbs they are consuming daily which stalls their weight loss. And this causes some people to quit or cheat. 

She has these 3 tips for the Keto newbies:

  1. Drink your electrolytes to avoid the keto flu when first starting.
  2. Track your macros at the beginning for the most success.
  3. If you cheat or fall off the keto wagon, jump right back on the next snack/meal. Don’t beat yourself up about it and keep on the course!

 To follow and learn more about Nicole’s Keto journey, subscribe to her Youtube channel Nicole Burgess and follow her on Instagram @npburgess184.



  • I’ve been Nicole, with couponing. And OMG, I didn’t know she had come so far.. #Way2GoGirl
    And yeah, I remember her keto flu… LOL, but she pushed through. #SoVeryProudOfYou #DontStop

  • I Love Nicole. She provides so much motivation and really good recipes.


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