Mad Apple CrossFit: Fun, Family and Fitness for all

Mad Apple CrossFit is a unique, diverse, but all-inclusive gym who believes that the key to long-term success is having fun, working hard and creating long-lasting relationships. They value everyone who walks through their door and stays true to their gym’s mission which is Fun, Family and Fitness for all. This has been their goal ever since they opened their first gym in a small 2000 square foot facility in June 2013 until now that they have expanded to three facilities totaling to over 20,000 square feet of gym space. Their goal is to give their clients the best experience possible when they visit Mad Apple CrossFit.

The fun Mad Apple CrossFit family.

Mike Martin, Co-Owner of Mad Apple Crossfit shared that their coaches bring world-class fitness to everyone that walks in on their doors and this is what separates them apart from their competition and they have a pretty cool logo.

Their cool logo

Mike also shared that one of the biggest mistakes they noticed people make is when they fail to find a gym that fits them or a gym that makes them feel welcome. A gym should leave someone feeling better than how they felt when they came in. At Mad Apple, they pride themselves on creating bonds that last a lifetime. They work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome walking into Mad Apple.

Mad Apple Crossfit in action

Mad Apple Crossfit takes pride in having coaches that are amazing and knowledgeable. They have a number of coaches with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Exercise Science and Kinesiology, as well as multiple certifications. Mike added that “It is our coaches that make Mad Apple CrossFit the world-class gym that it is.”, and I think that is definitely something they should be proud about! Mad Apple CrossFit definitely has a lot to offer so go ahead and check them out!


Mad Apple CrossFit

3630 Illinois Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46804
122 East Collins Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825
496 W Plaza Dr. Unit 9, Columbia City

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