Nacine's Journey to a Healthy, Painless Life Through Keto

A motivated and hard-working single mother, Nacine O’Brien has been living an active and healthy lifestyle through the Keto Diet.

Nacine was in so much pain every day when she reached her heaviest weight at 301 lbs. Her knees, back, and feet would hurt, so that’s when she decided to make a change. She started tracking her food and stumbled upon the Keto diet.


She started her Keto journey just November of last year and she has already lost 56 lbs! She no longer takes medicine for high blood pressure and her joints don’t hurt anymore. Her energy has increased and she’s now able to spend more time outdoors and have fun with her kids.

Along with Nacine’s journey to a healthier version of herself were setbacks and challenges. She had a few slip ups here and there when she started. It was a lot for her to take in. She felt so much guilt and it took her weeks to get back into the swing of things so that’s when she decided it just wasn’t worth it to go off track.


Keto diet is not a walk in the park and not taking the time to research more about it, is just one of the mistakes Nacine has seen other people do while on Keto. She has also seen people new to the diet who do not watch their electrolytes. She believes it is very important to make sure to keep up on potassium, magnesium and, sodium.


For the Keto newbies, here are her top 3 tips:

  1. Meal prepping is KEY to success on keto. You will always have options when you are looking for a meal and you will more likely go for the option of meals that are already prepared.
  2. Do not rely on the scale! Just because the scale isn’t moving does not mean that you are not succeeding. Your body can also build muscle which is heavier than fat, always remember to measure!
  1. Give intermittent fasting a try, it goes so great with keto. To give yourself the max benefits of keto give your body time to repair and heal while fasting.

Follow Nacine as she strives to reach her goal weight through the Keto diet, at Keto Momma on Youtube.



  • Fantastic work, Nacine!!! You look fabulous!!!

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  • I’m so very proud of you Nacine ❤

  • Im so proud of you Nacine!

    Ashley W
  • What a great job you did on the article! Thank you so much for sharing!


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