Nancy's Keto Journey: Keto For Real Life People

Nancy Childress, the creator of Keto For Real Life People, describes her business as an interactive social media lifestyle coaching program. She provides motivation through a positive mindset, education through collaboration with keto health experts, and support for people who need encouragement to stay the course. She also teaches her audience how to eat, cook, and understand the importance of living healthy through the power of the Ketogenic Diet. Currently, she has added engagements in personal motivation speaking events locally and has been reaching out to more and more people who want to make lifestyle changes.


Nancy learned about Keto when she was looking for a low carb support group to join in on Facebook. It grabbed her attention and she researched what it was all about. Since she had some success with a low carb diet before, she felt that Keto was her best option. After reading about it and saw how healthy it was, she joined the 90-day Keto challenge. 

For the last twenty months since starting Keto, Nancy has lost 74 pounds and feels fabulously healthy. “I do not have many of the health issues that I had prior to eating keto, such as GERD, sleep apnea, no more snoring (for which my husband is grateful), more energy and focus, and bye-bye to pain in my joints!” Nancy shared.


While she has been successful in her Keto journey, there were also some setbacks that she had to face along the way. One of them was hitting a stall last year. She had maintained her weight for the last twelve months. One reason would be because she is constantly developing new recipes and tasting the food. However, she is still okay with it as not gaining weight is her first time in her 54 years. The challenging part, according to her, is trying to separate her need to provide new and exciting food for her social media followers versus taking time to focus on her personal journey.

When it comes to Keto meals, she mostly enjoys the classic ones. “Eggs and weekends fun with pizza, waffles (tip: top with some PNB!), ice cream… who says keto is boring!” shared Nancy.


Nancy also noticed some mistakes that other people are committing while on Keto. One of them is not eating enough fat. Another one is drinking fatty coffee every morning. One should eat a nutrient-dense meal instead. The last one would be not being prepared. She shared, “when you get hungry you need to be able to stay focused and on track. If you’re busy like most people, always make sure to carry some fat with you. This is where Performance Nut Butter really comes in handy for me! I do a lot of intermittent fasting and running errands so I can’t always have a home-cooked meal available to eat. I just pop open a pack of PNB and I’m good to go.”

For Keto newbies, here are Nancy's Top 3 advice:

  1. Research. Read as much as you can from reliable resources and get prepared before jumping in. Understand that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet.
  2. Eat Clean. Eat healthy whole foods starting with healthy fats, proteins, and vegetables at least five days a week then enjoy the weekends with one or two of your keto favorites like pizza night or Saturday morning waffles.
  3. Electrolytes. These are extremely important during the first phase of the keto diet, make sure you are getting enough sodium, magnesium, and potassium.


Check out Nancy's YouTube channel' Keto For Real Life People to learn more about the Ketogenic diet and how to make simple yet delicious Keto meals!


  • I just wanted to say how much I love my big sister. She is an amazing woman. Can’t wait to see what comes next for you Nancy


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