Old Colony CrossFit: A True to the Core CrossFit Gym

Michael Landry, owner and head coach of Old Colony CrossFit,  describes their gym as a true to the core CrossFit gym. They are a friendly, welcoming, hard-working environment with the best community of athletes. There’s plenty of room and equipment to WOD and they love to have fun!

The Old Colony CrossFit Family

What separates them from the rest is their goal which is, healthy athletes. They focus on technique first, rather than all-out intensity. They work closely with their athletes on proper scaling and progressions. They cap all their classes at 20 athletes – for safety, for equipment, and for proper coaching.

Michael also shared with me the biggest mistake he sees other people make when they exercise and that is lack of consistency. Michael said he noticed that many athletes do not track their workouts, or if they do, they do not log enough information. He said that athletes need to have a reference in order to make progress. And they need to be consistent – getting in to the gym and looking back on what they’ve done. Michael added, “In the CrossFit world, the biggest mistake I see is the lack of properly scaling workouts to achieve the intended stimulus. Many athletes want to do it “Rx”, but they either miss the time cap or don’t get enough volume.”

When asked about the biggest mistake he sees other gyms commit, Michael answered, “I’m not 100% sure about what other gyms do or don’t do. My focus is solely on making OCCF and its athletes the best it can be. I have dropped in to many CrossFit gyms – each one has its own style, which is what CrossFit is all about. However, in my experiences, I’d say lack of coaching is the biggest downfall. Either the coach is not engaged with the class, or there’s just no feedback during the workout.”

Old Colony CrossFit coaches vary in experience and personality, but they all follow the same philosophy – watch everything, approach every athlete, and always give feedback. They pride ourselves on being very hands-on during their classes.

Michael has been involved in fitness for over 25 years. His experience is quite varied but he still feels like he learns something new every day. This is his passion and he hopes it comes through with how he runs OCCF.

Old Colony CrossFit has been open for 5 years. They are to celebrate their 6th year of service on April 1, 2019. Their main space is nearly 5,000s/f, and they have a separate training area, approximately 2,000s/f, for open gym work. Michael added, “Our gym is CLEAN! ☺ Our programming is top notch and exclusive to our athletes. I like to think our gym has personality. We’re a huge family – not only do we sweat together, but we support each other and we hang out with each other. Everyone knows everyone else. It’s very unique.”


Old Colony CrossFit

1 San Antonio Way
Pawtucket, RI 02860

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