Omnis CrossFit: All or Everything

Dr. Brady DeClerk, owner and coach of Omnis CrossFit describes their gym as a very welcoming place that is very accepting to everyone. They cater to everyone to meet their specific goals.  They take every member as an individual and they make sure that they're getting the best out of each of their members even on group workouts.

The clean and top-notch facility of Omnis CrossFit

What separates them from the rest is that they are not only gym owners and trainers but they are also involved in the other aspects of the business as well. Brady emphasized, “You will get what you’re paying for here.” They provide top-notch training, they have clean and top-notch facilities and a great community! They also take pride in their attention to movement detail which most gyms will say they have.  Brady added, "I think every one of our members knows that we deeply care about what we do and deeply care about each one of our members."

The Omnis CrossFit Family

The biggest mistake he sees other people make when exercising is rushing things.  Brady emphasized that “They want the here and now and do not put in the groundwork to be successful for the long term.  People who are already in shape but have never been in a CrossFit gym will rush movements, even though they may not have the technique and end up getting injured.  These people may also get frustrated because we want them to step back and relearn things and most people do not want to do that. People who are just starting from scratch usually go all out with their diet and exercise in a way that is not sustainable thus, they end up falling off.  Everything long term takes time. Anyone telling people otherwise is lying.”

Their members in action!

Rushing people into movements because the client wants to before they’re even ready is also the biggest mistake he sees other gyms commit. He also shared that he notices some gyms try to get fancy with workouts and end up not getting the most out of their clients and/or ends up getting their clients injured.  

The owners, Brady DeClerk and Shea Halbert.

Furthermore, Omnis CrossFit is a family owned business by Brady DeClerk and sister, Shea Halbert.  Brady is also a chiropractor thus, he runs Omnis Integrative Medicine that is connected to the box.  They pride themselves on doing thing the correct way and treating everyone like family.

Brady added, “The name Omnis is Latin for all or everything.  We chose that name because we wanted Omnis CrossFit to be a place where anyone felt welcome no matter fitness level, age, gender or race.”



Omnis CrossFit

12120 Colonel Glenn Road, Suite 5200 
Little Rock, AR 72210

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