Polarize CrossFit: Training to create a healthy lifestyle for all.

Jo Boleyn, Co-Owner & Trainer of Polarize CrossFit describes their gym as a place where your entire family can call home since their athletes range in age from 3 to 81. They boast every level of athlete who can all come together seamlessly to form a community of people with a common goal. With safety as their primary focus, you are sure to include mobility and cool down in every workout. Their members report no longer needing blood pressure, cholesterol or other medications after being with PCF for only a few short months! They train to create a healthy lifestyle for all.

The Polarize CrossFit Family

What separates Polarize CrossFit from the rest is that their gym truly takes it to the next level with monthly, quarterly and yearly activities. For example, they play Bunco every second Friday of the month to enjoy each other’s company and raise funds for Barbells for Boobs, a local non-profit organization. Jo said, “You will see twelve-year-olds and eighty-year-olds at the same table laughing, joking and playing games together, and it is just priceless. A real family community!!!”.


Restorative Yoga Night

The biggest mistake she sees other people make is when they go to the gym and they aren’t sure what to do or how to properly do certain stuff. Jo emphasized, “They do the best they can with what they know or have perhaps been taught, but I fear many unnecessary injuries occur daily nonetheless. With our one hour class, you get an instructor-led group warm-up, skill and technique workout and even a level of personal coaching specific to your existing injuries and limitations followed by a workout and cool down. Everything is custom to each athlete while we all enjoy the same overall full body functional fitness of constantly varied movements.”

Coach Al doing Murph WOD

One specific reason they notice why Athletes come to them from other gyms is when they seek better warm-up and cool down sessions specific to their body or situation. Polarize CrossFit pride themselves on watching athletes closely during movements to make adjustments as needed so they still get the intended stimulus while respecting physical limitations. They distinguish between an athlete’s ability, flexibility, and mobility and provide advancement in their skill and movement each time they come in. They also continue to see our athletes reach goals and get better and stronger at their overall workouts.

Polarize CrossFit is a gym of inclusion. They encourage every athlete who walks through the door to be better than they were yesterday. Jo said, “Our philosophy is not to “get through” a workout, but rather to push ourselves a little more than you would otherwise, in a healthy, safe way, to further our fitness and quality of life overall. Most importantly we do it in a place that you can call home.”

Visit them and you will find a safe, fun and challenging workout every time!


Polarize CrossFit

2956 Industry St, Oceanside, CA 92054
(760) 433-3382

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