Pump Your Mind and Body Up: Mind Pump Podcast Story

Have you ever done something with having any idea about it? Did you just go ahead and learn things along the way? That is basically how the popular podcast, Mind Pump, started. Sal Di Stefano, Doug Egge, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews shared the Mind Pump story in this PNB podcast episode.


Their Story

Sal, Adam, and Justin had independently been in the fitness industry between 16-20 years while Doug was a client of Sal. Doug and Sal started working together to create the MAPS Program and advertised it together. Sal sent the MAPS video to Adam to ask for his opinion and the podcasting idea came about. They thought of it as a way to get their voice out there but they know nothing about it initially. 

An interesting thing about podcasts is many of those top podcasters were well-known before they went into podcasting. Some have best-sellers while others have blogs and social media with millions of followers.  It’s very rare that one sees a podcast that started as a podcast in itself and then took off. They were unaware of this and the business of podcasting. The most reached that they have was Adam’s Instagram page with 21k followers at that time.

The first thing that they did that gave them a foothold was hitting the New & Notable section on iTunes. It was an 8-week period before they hit that. Right off the bat, they uploaded five episodes because they knew that they needed downloads. They also asked for reviews. They had their CrossFit episode and it was the one that initially got a few thousand downloads and that catapulted them into the New & Notable section.

One of the things to keep in mind when doing online business is that advertising will make you money when you’re really big. A lot of people think that you build an audience and you make money off of advertising but that is not the case. Until you get really big, you will not make money off advertising.

One of the lessons they shared is that it’s not a good idea to start selling right away if you’ve just started on social media. Mind Pump was on air for a year before they monetized it. Build credibility where people know that you’re providing good content and they trust you. Build a loyal audience first before taking it to the next level.

Their goal behind Mind Pump is to provide good content, meet influential people, and enjoy themselves. They want to create a wellness and fitness medical company. They realized that no company like this exists yet. They also noticed the horrible information that was being disseminated. Clients would come in and considered themselves educated with fitness, but the information that they know is wrong. Their challenge is how to quiet all the incorrect noise that is out there and get their audience to listen to people who are more qualified and have better things to say.

They are on a hunt to find quality information. They want to discover and promote talent in the fitness and wellness realm that is sending a good message. They want to promote longevity, wellness, health, and performance through sustainable and smart ways and with a strong foundation. They want to find that talent, produce it, and put the messages out. They want to find people in realms that they are not experienced in. 


Their Group Flow

The first time that they sat down together at Adam’s house to discuss about podcasting, five hours went by and there was not a moment of silence. The chemistry was there. Everybody sharpens each other really well. While they may argue at some point, they always end up with one group decision.

It is important that if you’re doing this in a group state with different personalities and egos that you have people that are going to push their egos to the side. That is what makes their teamwork. Each of them is okay with being wrong and putting their ego aside. If one prioritizes own’s ego and fame, it will be a losing battle.


Advice to their 20-year-old selves

Sal: Focus a little bit more on balancing things out. My body paid the price for the amount of work I did and for how I used fitness and supplements to help myself. When I opened my own private wellness facility, I could no longer work and succeed in the same way as before because I had burned myself out. I had to learn the hard way how to fix it with balance.

Adam: The circle you surround yourself with is huge. Your true net worth is your net circle. When you start to evaluate the people you spend the most time with, it really is a reflection of yourself. Surround yourself with other people that are trying to grow themselves and are successful. 

Justin: Be open about criticisms and be introspective. Take into heart people’s advice and seek it more.


Tips on how to meet better people

According to them, one of the easiest and effective things you can do is ask questions. People typically don’t mind talking about themselves. If you want to get to know someone better and build a connection with them, don’t be afraid to ask them.

Another tip they shared is to learn to cut dead weight. If you have someone who is sucking all your energy and blocking you from being able to network, cut him/her loose. Keep feeding your circle with people who are successful and who want to grow.


Check out the full podcast episode here

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