Revolution Fitness: More Than Just A Gym

Sean Hastings, Owner of Revolution Fitness, describes their gym as a community of athletes and coaches that are there to support each other on their total health journey. It is a place where accountability, encouragement, and supportiveness thrive to help their members reach their fitness goals.

He shares that Revolution Fitness has a multitude of programs all designed to offer their athletes a variety of training options. While it was founded in 2015 with emphasis on CrossFit and SGX Spartan/Obstacle Course/Boot Camp training, it has grown since then to include Iron Madeinz (women’s only barbell), Olympic Lifting, RTX (rucking), CrossFit You, High School Strength & Conditioning, and Yoga. According to him, this variety of programs is what separates his gym from the rest. They also provide a good schedule of programs for seven days a week.

One of the mistakes he noticed that people are doing when exercising is doing too much even at their early stages. “The fix is to listen to your coach, listen to your body, and be patient,” said Sean. He added that hard work pays off, but it does take time.

As for their competitors, he saw that their biggest mistake is treating all of their athletes the same regardless of ability, body type, or goals. According to him, this is wrong as everyone is built differently and one size does not fit all. In Revolution Fitness, they understand and appreciate athlete differences and strive for continual performance improvement based on individual athlete goals.

Sean shares that their community of athletes makes them what they are. They have a group of regulars who are incredibly motivating and always working hard, all while having fun with it. “It’s awesomely inspiring to be a part of such a great group of people!” he panted.

Revolution Fitness

3075 Book Rd. Suite 111
Naperville, IL 60564

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