Rock It CrossFit: Community, Support, and Fun!

Amber Spann, General Manager and a Full-Time Trainer of Rock It CrossFit, describes their gym as an upscaled and upholding box that focuses on health, fitness, and wellness with an emphasis on community, support, and fun. Their trainers are exceptional and maintain a fun learning environment for all skill levels. Their members are goal-oriented and welcoming to anyone who walks through their doors. Rock It CrossFit is a growing family inside and outside of the box.

Rock It CrossFit

What separates Rock It CrossFit from the rest is that they are a premier box based on what they offer. Their coaches are knowledgeable and advanced. They routinely offer “challenges” to maintain motivation within their gym and hold social events monthly to build relationships between members and coaches. They strive to make going to the gym an event that people look forward to.

The biggest mistake she sees other people make is when people set extreme expectations like “I’m going to get too big too quick” or “I can eat whatever I want as long as I workout ” Amber emphasized that people can fix this inaccurate lens by digging into nutrition deeper and realizing that our diet is the base of our wellness pyramid.

The biggest mistake she sees other gyms commit is when people are pushed too hard too soon or when they don’t coach their athletes to be cautious. Amber said, “Our coaches are sure to put new members through a foundation program to teach the safety and points of performance.”

Another thing that you should know about Rock It CrossFit is that they are pet-friendly gym! This excites most people. Often, they bring their fur babies to be loved on. They also offer a kids’ area as well - so busy parents who want to grab a workout are covered. Their facility is spacious, so they allow a large amount of open gym time for members to do extra work even when a CrossFit class is taking place. Their box is climate controlled and clean. These are just a few of the many extra perks Rock It CrossFit offers.

Just look at how spacious their facility is!

Moreover, Rock It CrossFit is just a large group of friends who like to work hard, sweat and have fun! Amber added, “We love growing our group!”

I guess we can all say that Rock It CrossFit truly rocks! The way they put up extra facilities and perks for their members is just thoughtful and amazing, so go check them out!

The Rock It CrossFit Family

Rock It CrossFit

1371 Gilman Rd.
Ft. Worth, 76140


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