Sonoma Strength Academy: A Tribe of Innovators

Nat Cariela, the owner of Sonoma Strength Academy Crossfit Propruis, describes their gym as a tribe of real people creating a culture of wellness through fitness, movement, healthy eating, and positive energy. Their gym is founded on this community and they consider every member like family.

When it comes to fitness science, Nat shares that they are forward thinkers and innovators. Their CrossFit, Gymnastics Strength Training, and Primal Reset classes are influenced by this. They focus on functional movement in any exercise which spills into everyday activities and hobbies.

As innovators, they are able to create and blend certain exercises and movements to initiate a new class exclusive to their gym like the Primal Reset course. This is what makes them unique from other gyms. They offer teachings beyond the typical CrossFit facility and challenges each member to take what they have learned into their personal and public lives. Ultimately, this leads to a ripple effect of positivity and great health beyond the community at Sonoma Strength Academy.

One mistake that people tend to do is working harder instead of smarter in achieving their health and fitness goals. “Exercise science is evolving and a lot of athletes tend to repeat negative repetitions without understanding the long-term effect of those movements,” shares Nat.

As for the other gyms, he mentions that they may turn members away for failing to pay the full monthly dues. In their facility, they do their best to help their members attend complete classes and training despite their economic situation. Nat claims that they would rather have members come in 7x a week at a reduced price than attend training 2x a month.

Nat also shares that 2019 will be an exciting year for Sonoma Strength Academy. He said that they are looking to double their membership, give the gym a fresh new look, update equipment and expand their class options.

Sonoma Strength Academy

808 Donahue Street,
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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