StoneAgeFuel School of Fitness' Quest for Truth

StoneAgeFuel School of Fitness is defined as one who helps adults overcome an unhealthy lifestyle and builds athleticism in youth. They aid grown-ups who are over 40 years old in relieving chronic pain and losing weight. Among the young ones ages 8 to 17, they are trained through Olympic weightlifting to excel in the gym and on the field for college scholarships.

What started out as a blog that focused on dispelling myths perpetrated by the supposed supplement and wellness industry have become a physical location that still carries out the same mission of providing nothing but truth to their clients. StoneAgeFuel ensures that their clients and followers of their brand have 100% unbiased and tested information.

They share that the transformative experience they provide for their clients separates them from other gyms. Through their process, clients not only lose weight but also put the impact of the autoimmune disease in check as well as learn to maintain progress in life.

Aside from this, they also have a high regard for the safety and progression of their clients. All of their clients start with 1-on-1 coaching to establish movement technique, nutritional guidelines and a baseline level of fitness. Once they are ready, they are transferred to a group training environment following a system of beginner, intermediate and advanced.


One of the biggest errors that they see people are making is having goals but not knowing how to achieve them, what diet is best and what method of training is ideal for them. To fix this, the most impactful way would be to seek help from a professional coach for guidance in their fitness journey.

Lastly, StoneAgeFuel believes that attention to technique, strength, mobility and injury prevention should be a centerpiece in every program.


StoneAgeFuel School of Fitness

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