Tippy Tales: A Keto Journey

Tippy Wyatt of Tippy Tales YouTube channel is a dream-doer, an entrepreneur seeking to live a life of adventure and quality with those she loves most. 

Tippy has always loved fatty foods but feared it growing up due to the stigma “fat makes you fat”. She knew little back then so she embarked on many diets in her life, 90% of which happen to be very low-fat. She decided to look into a high-fat diet after unsuccessfully finding something she can stick as a lifestyle. She did not enjoy the food and the tedious nature of counting calories or macros so she researched the keto diet thoroughly and thought “what can I lose by giving a try?” 


Tippy shared, “Besides the weight gain and awful anxiety perhaps for starters, I did the keto diet my way without counting one single calorie or tracking any macros and stuck to whole foods for 90% of it and my life changed from there. I have not looked back since.”

The result she got from Keto? She lost 12 lbs of fat, gained a lot of muscle, and got rid of her eczema (auto-immune skin rash). Her mind is sharper than ever and her energy level is sky-high. She doesn’t get hangry anymore when she does not eat every 3 hours, stable blood sugar levels, and no anxiety. 

The only challenge she experienced while on Keto is when she’s traveling. Tippy and her husband like to enjoy the culture and food of the country when traveling so they do have exceptions for that. 


When asked about her favorite Keto go-to meals, Tippy responded, “I always say you can always find something keto wherever you go. I stick to the basics of picking protein and non-starchy veggies. This can range from a good ribeye steak with broccolini, chicken salad, salmon eggs benedict with avocado.”

Tippy also shared with me that the most common mistake she sees other people commit when on Keto is “They overthink it. I think you can make health as easy or as hard as you want it to be. They try to do too much starting out and end up just being overwhelmed with their thoughts or meaningless task they think they absolutely have to do. Just keep it simple when starting – keep your carbs low, stay away from as much processed junk as you can, strive to eat a whole foods diet.”

Top 3 Tips to a Keto Newbie
  1.  Don’t obsess over the scale
    It can play mind tricks on you. If you are like me and you strength train, it won’t move much but your body composition will change. There are other metrics you can measure your success by, for example your clothes, your mood, skin, brain function, etc. 
  2. Trust the process
    Too many quit too soon when they don’t see the immediate results they feel they should get within a week or so of doing this. They stress over if “it’s working” or not which makes matters worse because you are driving up cortisol which is a stress hormone and is counterproductive to fat loss. Do your research and have full confidence in the process that it will definitely work if you put in the work.
  3.  Have a strong “WHY”
    Often time we just don’t have a compelling enough “why” we are doing this. If you have a strong “why” it will pull you through those tempting and challenging moments. It’s got to be so strong that nothing can shake your focus from reaching your goals. Put in time to think about your “why” and write it down somewhere you look often or put it as your screen saver. We are visual beings and looking at your “why” every single day can be just that extra push you need. 

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