Vault CrossFit: Getting People to Move

Vault CrossFit, as described by owner Chanida Sintuu, is one of the very few boutique fitness facility in Southern California that offers so much diversity in their classes. Their main goal is to get people to MOVE,  and one platform is not necessarily better than the other but rather all the movement classes are complementary. From high impact high intensity classes like CrossFit, training with odd objects like their Strongman, low impact high intensity classes like Dynamics and Indoor Spin, to bodyweight strength and conditioning like Yoga and Martial Arts. They are a one stop shop and this is what separates them from the rest.

Vault CrossFit is definitely a one stop shop for Fitness

They believe that once you begin moving regularly and often, you can’t help but want to take in nutrition properly and they can help guide you with customized programming. Chanida added that “Once you feel good, you do better and look better and raise your standards for yourself and those around you.”  

Chanida also shared with me the mission of Vault CrossFit and that is, to make better humans through the four main pillars of wellness. First is Movement through active and recovery. Second is Nutrition to fuel properly and develop a healthy relationship with food. Third is Service, to yourself and your fellow beings in the surrounding community and beyond. Fourth and last is Fun because without the fun factor, nothing is sustainable for longevity!

Vault CrossFit values Individual Differences

The biggest mistake she sees other people make is believing that they must be in shape to start.  Chanida said that the answer to that is absolutely NO. She believes that everyone must start somewhere.  “This is your journey, not someone else’s. You can draw from other’s experiences and better your own. Getting frustrated with the results not coming fast enough will not further your own journey so you just have to TRUST THE PROCESS.”

The biggest mistake she noticed other gyms commit is when they focus too much on high level competitions in weightlifting or CrossFit to the point that those who are interested in other ways of fitness get largely ignored or are looked down upon. Chanida said that no one should ever frown upon someone else’s fitness journey as long as they are doing something to improve their wellness. Competition is not for everyone, she added.  Gyms can definitely offer more advanced level training for those that seek it just like what they do in Vault CrossFit, but they just have to make sure to also offer a broad based approach to clients. That would serve the gym and their clients best.
Vault CrossFit in action!

As the owner/operator of Vault CrossFit, Chanida sees people who have time on their side… time to get their health in order.  But one must take that first step, and commit to improve themselves and join a community that makes it fun. One of the other hats she wear is an emergency room physician, and in that position, she sees people who don’t have time on their side... Time simply has run out.  They are already behind the eight ball. That’s why Chanida wants to remind everyone to make the investment in themselves and be a part of a fitness community that they can be an active part of. The support and motivation will help carry you through the challenging times, and it’s well worth it.  

I can definitely say that Vault CrossFit is the perfect place for anyone who is interested with improving their overall wellness, so go check them out!


 Vault CrossFit

 14859 Bessemer Street
Sherman Oaks, CA 91411
(818) 387-8456


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